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From Augmented Reality to Enterprise-Level Mobile Apps: SCAND Showcases

How to manage tons of banking transactions, select the TV that perfectly matches home design via the AR tool, track the children’s mobile devices, chat anonymously, easily find the orders and carriers, or simply take the best selfie using the entertainment app? All these and the other tasks have formed the basis for the applications we are delighted to highlight in our mobile portfolio.

SCAND company has more than 20 years of experience in the development of high-quality, robust, and secure mobile apps. We’ve created versatile mobile solutions that run on different mobile platforms and have an extensive variety of features. More than 100 mobile cases described in the portfolio cover all major industries where mobile app development is a must for facilitating business processes and answering the customers’ needs. Among the areas of our mobile development expertise are enterprise, entertainment, healthcare, education, e-commerce, banking, retail applications, mobile games and much more.

Here are some of the mobile app development cases our development teams have taken part in.

An Online Digital Banking Platform (BaaS)

We had to develop a resilient and secure system that could handle high peak loads and prevent any data leaks or frauds. With a focus on security and system monitoring, we built a solution ready for PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification with the implementation of OWASP/CWE/NIST recommendations.BaaS


Besides that, we needed to integrate the system with finance/ regulation providers, develop a cryptocurrency transaction system, and implement the KYC process of customer on-boarding. Finally, we developed a well-thought-out, secure, and stable online banking platform supplemented by iOS and Android native mobile apps.

An Educational Mobile Game For Kids

Our aim was to develop a fun and educational game for kids  aged from 2-3. The game taught the basic concepts of color and shape. For this, our team had to develop a graphic engine that allowed moving objects for matching, pick up separate objects, and draw textures. All that was accompanied by sound effects and colorful customized interface design.

Our customer obtained an exciting, intuitive, and engaging game that helped kids to train their memory, logical thinking, and focusing skills.

Deep-Sea World Exploration with an Augmented Reality App

One of our customers came up with an exciting idea of exploring the deep sea using an Augmented reality app. This educational app was aimed at giving kids an opportunity to view 3D marine inhabitants from different sides and angles on their smartphones and tablets. The 3D sea animals had to move and show how they swim. Above all, each animal image had its own description with an integrated audio format.

Our project team had to blend Augmented reality algorithms together with 3D animation, and audio/video stream playback. As a result, our customer got an educational app with over 50 voiced cards depicting sea animals empowered by Augmentation reality.

Clinical and Laboratory Data Analysis Tools

For this project, we had to develop a complex system that consisted of the two mobile medical apps connected to each other. The first app had to gather all the detailed medical data on a patient such as recent check-up results, upcoming procedures, current patient state, and others. And the second app provided quick access to the data related to the patient’s treatment. This way, doctors could quickly check the treatment advice and provide it to the patients.

To develop both solutions our project team had to develop hybrid mobile apps for running on Android and iOS; connect wearable devices like activity trackers, heart rate, blood pressure trackers, and others to the apps; utilize data encryption for its protection; care about the UI/UX user-friendliness so that doctors could keep all the necessary data at their fingerprints.

As a result, our customer received two medical apps for doctors that encompassed all the data on a patient’s condition and gathered the most detailed and constructive advice on their treatment.

Video Calling App For Driver Support

In this project, our development team had to add additional features to an existing mobile app. The app was devoted to providing timely support to the drives who face emergency issues on the road. For this, drivers had to scan a QR code placed on a car cabin and start a video call with driver support.Driver Support Video App

To upgrade the app with the new features our team had to add a video calling function on iOS and Android; add a messenger and ability to take screenshots and record videos; implement a vehicle data management and operators management systems.

As a result, our customer obtained an effective driver support mobile app, empowered with new functionalities.

Apart from that, we also developed a work time tracking system for enterprises; the Sales Reporting application that accumulates statistical data and generates reports for eBook online stores; EBook Reader for the studying process; the mobile banking app to engage people in banking operations, etc.

What unites all these portfolio cases is our intention to deliver quality, yet affordable solutions. The combination of our mobile app development experience and domain expertise of the clients leads to the best possible outcome.

To meet all challenges related to the implementation of our ideas, we aimed to thoroughly select the technologies, platforms, and programming languages involved, such as Java, C/C++, Objective-C, Kotlin, SQLite, Xamarin, and many more.

Our mobile portfolio is not limited to the number of the solutions presented above; in fact, we have much more mobile apps developed and in the near future, new banking, finance, healthcare, media and entertainment, logistics, and sports apps will definitely enrich our mobile portfolio. Just stay tuned to see more info about cross-platform, hybrid and native apps developed by our team.