Supply Chain Software Development

SCAND has a long history of building successful source-to-pay solutions. Our specialists contributed to higher efficiency of many worldwide systems throughout supply chain development and integration. Based on a systematic approach, we deliver complex yet flexible software to help our customers increase profits, optimize the procurement management, enhance process transparency, and save time and resources.

Supply Chain Management Services

SCAND provides supply chain management software development to optimize and enhance delivery, decrease expenses, and focus on a business strategy. Our expertise covers solutions for automating the following areas:

  • Suppliers catalogs management
  • Contract price management
  • Ordering products and services
  • Requisitions management
  • Retrieving supplier’s quotes
  • Purchase orders processing
  • Making receipts for materials and services
  • Invoices processing

Scand Solutions

Solutions developed by SCAND provide everything you would expect from a tailored, top-notch SCM software, including the ability for integration with third-party services, cloud-based inventory tracking, real-time reporting dashboards, whatever. With nearly 20 years of experience, we delivered a wide range of SCM solutions that include:

Order Management Software

We create order management software for various industry domains including retail and e-commerce businesses. One  of the already created solutions allows automating the procedure of equipment maintenance.

Procurement management systems

Our team has built a procurement management system that allows tracking both customers and suppliers and managing sales and logistics. Also, we integrated a reporting system to help users obtain various statistics. The system enabled our customer to decrease expenses on the whole chain from suppliers to its retail stores.

Supply Chain Enterprise Applications

SCAND team develops custom enterprise apps to ensure the ability to gain greater visibility into operations while increasing speed, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn more

Delivery Service Platforms

We created a new parcel delivery service that ensures the ability to easily and safely send a package or parcel via courier. Learn more

Field Service Applications

We deliver highly productive and cost effective field service apps that save much time on organizing and preparing the tasks for service workers and increase the transparency of the business. Learn more



Inventory Management Systems

Scand provides its customers with inventory management solutions that help businesses to manage all their finances, logistics, operations, and inventory in one place. We create web, mobile and cross-platform apps for tracking inventory through RFID and barcode/QR code scanning.

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