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Enterprise Software Development

Our dedicated team of developers deal with complex implementation projects, including third-party solutions and legacy applications that may become an obstacle during the integration process.

Our engineers are experienced in developing custom enterprise-level systems and integrating them with any other business systems like:

  • ERP
  • SPA, Service-Oriented, API-first applications
  • Web and mobile applications that use REST-API
  • CRM
  • Supplier, Order & Purchase systems
  • HR & Payroll management systems
  • Inventory management systems

How to start working with us?

Our Expertise

We would like to share with you the experience we have gained on various ERP projects, working with complex data structures, data representation and multi-state processes.

Big Data Processing

Processing daily incoming large amounts of data, gaining and using it in calculations. Main solutions used: Oracle, Cassandra, Apache Spark over Hadoop, etc.

Complex Workflows

Processing customized workflows among 20+ modules (created by users), complex banking KYC processes (integration with external screening systems), banking transactions processing, automation of auction processes, etc.

High Security Systems

Implementing security controls, compliance with ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, PSD2, using security frameworks in the development: OWASP, MITRE CWE, NIST; building zero-trust systems, multi-level DMZ zones.

High Accessibility Systems

We are working with distributed data processing, building scalable architecture, synchronous and asynchronous communication and replication.

Cloud Infrastructure

We have enormous experience in hosting in different cloud environments (Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, MS Azure), as well as the creation of autoscaling applications using Kubernetes. We provide seamless zero-downtime delivery, CI/CD pipelines with automatic unit/integration/automation/stress tests.

3-d Party Integrations

We integrate seamlessly with SMS/e-mail gateways, payment systems (SEPA, Kantox, AFEX, Simplex, Moonpay), trading platforms (MetaTrader, EPEX, Trayport, POLPX, PRISMA, ENTSOG, ACER), other systems like SAP, Saleforce, etc.

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