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SCAND had to develop a web-based application for companies operating in the sphere of retail. The solution should provide the maximum level of enterprise activity automation in the sphere of human resources administration.

  • Manager can set goals and tasks to the subordinates, watch the execution process, give results assessment, leave voice commentaries, and create reports.
  • Subordinates fulfill tasks assigned to them, create daily reports, and perform self-assessment.
  • Subordinates can send queries to managers or write suggestions (initiatives).


There are forms to create and edit the hierarchical structure of the company as well as appoint staff to various positions within this structure. All employees are divided into categories. Vacant positions are also included into the organizational structure of the company.


Web application with a unique user interface for KPI management.

SCAND development team built the application with a unique user interface (based on custom GWT Widgets) and designed it with a special emphasis on usability. Strategic map, Strategic aim, Standard, Task, Assessment, Performance matrix – all these are operational objects meant for measuring business process performance, reaching SMART (Specific purpose, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant to the success, Time phased) key performance indicators (KPI) and other important aims of effective enterprise management.

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