Ad Tech Development

We are developing Ad management software and Ad tech solutions which help online marketers, publishers, and various advertising agencies reach their business goals, link customers and managers around advertising campaigns as well as go through deep analysis and optimization of advertising spaces and websites. This technology is a genuine ‘smart engine’ in the modern advertising world that flawlessly runs various services keeping an eye on behavioral insights and the effectiveness of your ad campaign data received.

Advertising Software Development

We develop web-based ad management tools that are integrated with a multidimensional data warehouse and organize comprehensive data reporting. As a rule, the advertising software functions in the way that it reads the data from online advertising platforms either through API or special robotic programs, stores it, and then presents to the viewer upon request. The solution developed compiles reports, performs statistical data calculation and comparison, and pushes auto notifications.

  • Design and implementation of the highly-scalable systems
  • API and integration framework development
  • Provision of easy access to the information through mobile devices
  • Billing system integration
  • Development of the reporting system for diversified data presentation


We create robust Ad Tech software solutions capable of processing large amounts of data, integrating with popular advertising management platforms, solutions for Ad campaign management, creating ad campaign tracking software, generating contracts software for advertising companies.

Big data Solutions

We create big data ad tech solutions that allow to analyze users’ insights: a number of new users joining the network daily, their activity and online behavioral patterns, the detection of viral patterns, collaborative filtering.

Digital Advertising Solutions

We create advanced digital signage solutions that  allow to display ads and promotional media on LCD screens (digital TV, payment terminals, etc.) placed in hotels, airports, supermarkets, in public transport and other public places.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

We have experience in creating augmented and virtual reality apps for advertising industry. The apps work with camera and sensors of smartphones or tablets and allow to add layers with 2D and 3D models directly over the object depending on the angle and the distance to the object.

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