IoT Development Services

With a rapid growth of IoT as a notion and internet-connected devices applied in nearly every industry domain we strive to keep pace with the latest technology trends and deliver top-notch IoT application development solutions. We are building IoT applications that combine sensor data with predictive analytics and machine learning technologies while complying with all industry standards.

IoT Services

Scand developers have relevant expertise in app deployment to gadgets, servers, and cloud services. We are capable of rendering the following Internet of Things development services:

  • Web and Desktop IoT Application Development
  • IoT Mobile App Development
  • IoT Cloud Interface Development
  • IoT Remote Control Programming
  • App Tethering
  • 3rd-party Services Integration
  • Embedded Software Development
  • IoT Wearables & Connected Apps Development
  • Smart Home Systems Software Development


IoT Solutions

  • Healthcare

    Monitoring medical devices and clinical operations

  • Retail

    Providing unique users’ shopping experience

  • Banking

    Engaging clients and providing better offers

  • Logistics

    Providing real-time location visibility and the conditions of assets

  • Insurance

    Monitoring assets and increasing revenue

  • Manufacturing

    Monitoring equipment and detecting the one to maintain

Technologies & Tools

We are familiar with such IoT programming technologies as tagging, near-field communications, and Bluetooth connectivity. The solutions delivered by our IoT development team allow flawless data flow between gadgets, devices, the Internet, and connected apps.

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