Software Testing and QA services

For over 19 years of providing full cycle software development services, we have sharpened our skills in quality assurance services and testing of any kind and all types of applications. So, we offer this service as a part of our software development process or being a detached request.

Software Quality Assurance Tools

The SCAND QA team has relevant experience in working with various quality assurance tools and techniques and has deep expertise in matching them together to achieve the best results.

Full life-cycle testing

SCAND provides QA software testing at every phase of the application development process. Starting from the requirements gathering stage up to  implementation and maintenance.

  • Requirements and specification testing;
  • Manual functional testing;
  • Manual non-functional testing;
  • Deployment, migration and performance testing;
  • Automation of testing for stable parts of applications.

SDLC and Types of Software Testing

Below are the types of quality assurance software testing deployed on each application development stage.

Planning & Analysis

  • Requirements testing
  • Test planning
  • Testing documentation set up
  • Specification creation
  • Test cases

UI/UX Design

  • Prototype testing
  • Usability testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Multi-platform testing
  • Ergonomic testing


  • Smoke testing
  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing
  • Features stability testing
  • Multi-platform testing


  • Acceptance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Stress testing
  • Security testing
  • Automated tests execution
  • Installation testing

Software Testing Services

Our professional software QA company is able to analyze your problem and suggest the best combination of different kinds of testing activities.
  • Functional Testing

    At SCAND we ensure the full system functionality is tested and guarantee its flawless operation:

    • installation testing
    • regression testing
    • integration testing
    • smoke testing
    • acceptance testing
  • Performance Testing

    SCAND software testing team conducts the following types of testing to ensure your system can handle heavy loads:

    • performance testing
    • load testing
    • stress testing
    • stability testing
    • scalability testing
  • Web Application Testing

    With 19 years of experience on web app projects, we have come up with a special web application testing package:

    • functional testing
    • compatibility testing
    • performance testing
    • security testing
    • usability testing


  • Mobile Application Testing

    Our QA team could provide the analysis and consulting before mobile application testing is performed to reveal software and hardware specifications and find out the needs of the target audience. We are keeping track of the market trends and are constantly enriching our park of devices accordingly.

  • Test Automation

    Among other software QA services, we provide automation testing to replace manual work and enhance overall product quality, speed up time to market and reduce the QA costs. Automated tests run quickly, offer better test coverage, allow to avoid human mistakes and generally increase productivity.

  • Documentation Service

    We neatly complete any project documentation: analyze the requirements provided by our customers, design test cases (suites), text plans, and checklists as well as make sure that the detailed reports are executed as soon as any stage of the testing is covered.

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