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Qt Development Services

Qt is a framework for cross-platform app development written in C++. It allows creating a single codebase that can be deployed across different devices (desktop, mobile, even smartwatch) and platforms (iOS/Android, Windows/macOS/Linux).

Here is a list of Qt app development services we offer:

Qt Development Solutions

Using Qt as one of the key tools, SCAND development team has already delivered a range of effectively working solutions. We are ready to offer the software development including but not limited to the following solutions:

Invoice Mass Printing Solution

Our team has experience in developing a software solution for invoice mass printing and implementing it into the existing web-application. Such solutions cover all the core features like converting HTML invoices to PDF, scaling images, smart pagination mechanism with content separation, and others.

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Presentation Software Solution

Our expertise includes the development of cross-platform software solutions for making interactive presentations at universities, corporate and sports training rooms, broadcasting studios, etc. The solutions we develop offers a broad range of graphics and interactive features as well as high performance.

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Qt Dedicated Team

Proficiency in Qt development is the skill we are ready to share. If there is a need for Qt developers, our best engineers will be able to join your team within 1-2 weeks.

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How to start working with us?

Why Clients Hire Our Qt Developers?

Being located in the center of Eastern Europe, SCAND is considered to be one of the most reliable and experienced outsourcing companies in Belarus for the following reasons:

Qualified IT Specialists

Today there are 250+ qualified, talented, data-driven software engineers working for SCAND, offering the development of efficient software solutions tailored to our clients’ business goals.

Cost Savings

Our hourly rates are much lower than they are in Western Europe and the US. Also, outsourcing software development services offered by SCAND eliminate extra expenses on infrastructure, office, salary, and training.

Good Command of English

SCAND outsourcing developers are fluent in English. Although we don’t claim to sound like native speakers, our accent is clear and easily understandable.

1 month Zero Billing Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the result after a month of our work, we guarantee no billing for this month.



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