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SCAND is a custom software development company, founded in 2000 and located in Belarus, Minsk. Our mission is to help businesses escalate their competitiveness while enhancing cost-effectiveness and speed-up their products’ entry to the market.

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Among Our Customers

Being a customer-oriented software engineering company we implement best-in-class practices for our clients to succeed. For 20 years' history, we have managed to compile an impressive list of global customers: NASA, IBM, Cisco, FedEx, Bank of America, Dresdner Bank, Reuters, Yahoo!, Siemens, Merrill Lynch, and many other Fortune 500 companies.


Our company software development competencies have found recognition among customers across the globe. Since 2000 we've been developing customized solutions for various IT companies, e-commerce businesses, logistics enterprises, education institutions and healthcare organizations. As well as we provide tailored software development for IoT, augmented and virtual reality.


Here are some highlights from our client reviews that are featured on Clutch:

“"I have been impressed by the high level of technical skills as well as great communication skills.”

The development was a success, meeting the expectations of the internal team and the third party client. SCAND communicates effectively to ensure both teams are on the same page. The team is creative and knowledgeable.

Managing Director, Software Solutions Provider

"They have the ability to tackle a wide array of technical items."

Scand successfully completed the multiyear project within the parameters and allotted time. The team worked well autonomously, offered design improvement ideas, and practiced independent thinking. Their experience, breadth of expertise, and reliability set them apart from competitors.

President at Computer Consulting Firm

“They are extremely friendly, helpful, and open to finding the best solutions.”

Scand’s solution is the very foundation of the company, and it’s utilization and prominence regarding revenue are both telling. Their project management is effective and adaptable, and communication comes with ease. An in-person meeting with their team ensures timely and accurate delivery.

CEO, IT Company

“SCAND has outranked every other software development company we’ve worked with.”

Extensive resources and reliability helps SCAND meet all expectations in this long-term partnership, and their engine allows companies to reduce marketing departments by 50%. A broad skill set and the ability to work remotely are also notable qualities. They’re an invaluable partner.

Director of Product Development, Financial Industry

"They just want to do good work."

SCAND consistently delivered all requirements to standard and their efforts improved the website’s efficiency and productivity. The team is personable and engaged with a professional, dedicated, and respectful work ethic. They are smart, reliable, and extremely skilled in development and coding.

Founder, Social Network Company

“They’re one of the best companies that I’ve experienced.”

The finished platform is excellent, was delivered on time, and to the expected quality standards. The team is dedicated, works efficiently through an agile methodology, and is skilled at what they do.

CTO, Automotive Firm

How to start working with us?


Along with the software development services we provide, SCAND has also created a number of unique solutions, including end-user applications, professional tools, business software solutions, and SDKs. Everything is perfectly crafted to meet the highest professional software development requirements.


Outllok4Gmail is an Outlook add-in that helps to perform Google calendars, contacts and task sync with Outlook.

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PubTyper is the answer to the question on how to merge PDF files in Adobe, as well as files of any other Adobe-supported format.

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Wingle is a work management software created to boost the organizational performance of any company or individual business.

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Vue Injector

Dependency injection library for Vue.js. Vue Injector provides the ability to inject dependencies into a component right at the moment of its creation.

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Lightweight and easily customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK for EPUB readers development.

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WP OsTicket Connector

WordPress plugin to connect the support ticket system and the contact form on your WordPress website.

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Easy Google Analytics Toolkit

WP plugin that enables integration with Google Analytics by choosing either the Classic Google Analytics library or the newly released Global Site Tag.

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WinGPG is a tray-based classical Windows application, Windows NT Explorer shell extension, and a classic GPGv2 distribution.

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CurlEffect is a Xamarin library that enables developers to create slick page turning effects. Easy to use in any app.

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Being a customer-oriented software engineering company we implement best-in-class practices for our clients to succeed.


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