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SCAND ensured that the doctors at the hospital would swiftly get all the patient data provided they used the two applications created to contribute to the advancement of medical procedures.

The requirements from the customer weren’t limited to a single healthcare app for doctors displaying the data from the server. As the hospital aimed to cover several aspects of medical practice and patient care, our mobile development team got involved in creating two custom medical solutions in a row.

The major objective related to the first app was to present detailed patient information, including his/her medical procedures, test results, body temperature, recommended treatment, required statistics, etc.

As for the second medical application, we took it a step further and, according to the task, concentrated on the minimum number of clicks and the most comprehensive data representation. This tool is targeted to be utilized not only for medical consultations, but also during surgeries. That’s why seeing possible risks of complications and contraindications to surgeries, procedures, vaccines, or medical drugs was utterly important.


The crucial milestones during the hybrid mobile app development involved choosing the API and proper data downloaded from the clinic server and utilizing the HTTPS connection.

The clinic and laboratory application for iPad was far more challenging to create. First, we developed a range of custom controls, and each of them was the native implementation. Besides, our mobile team paid much attention to the interface of the application. It shouldn’t have been overwhelmed with the information to let doctors an opportunity to grasp the data asap.


The first hybrid mobile app comes to the rescue when a doctor promptly needs to get the medical info online. Instead of switching on the computer, typing in the login and password, and searching for the data, physicians use our simple tool that has only two screens, provides the list of patients, and accumulates their test results, treatment, diagnoses, clinical findings, and so on.

Even if doctors come across their patients in the corridor and have little time to chat, the app prevents them from leaving any medical question on the patient’s condition unanswered. One click on the patient’s name and surname will take physicians to the facts they want to get.

The second native application for iPad is also made for doctors to work with patients, and the key point here is to furnish the info about potential risks and negative side effects to healthcare workers to control a favorable surgical outcome.

For instance, in case of observing a patient with chronic kidney disease, the longitudinal data grouped into three categories — medications, lab values, and dialysis — is captured. It works well for real-time comparison purposes and enhancing quality of patient care.

Key Features

The main highlights of the hybrid mobile medical history app for Android and iOS include:

  • User-friendliness. When it comes to the search of the information and disease patterns or a fast diagnosis, the mobile app displays the data gathered from the local hospital servers as html pages.
  • High security level. All the data SCAND used for the medical app development was encrypted. Even in case of phone jailbreaking, no info would be extracted.


While creating the iPad application, we were mainly concentrated on:

  • Putting miscellaneous info together, all in one screen, so that a doctor doesn’t spend much time on the search for relevant information. It’s especially vital during conducting surgeries.
  • Security and enabling write caching on the device. The latter option was a necessity for offline functioning of the application without losing the data in case of internet blackouts.




These are the medical apps designed for physicians to give them access to the clinical pictures of their patients. Two universal mobile solutions for the healthcare system differ from each other by the tasks assigned but both assist doctors with patient care via supplying them with the detailed medical information.

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