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SCAND team was asked to provide a SaaS solution for simplifying the process of transferring lab tests from doctors or clinics to laboratories. The third-party solution the client was using didn’t fully meet their needs and was overloaded with unnecessary functionality.


Our team has developed native apps for iOS and Android, APIs for mobile apps and other clients, and a web panel for administration. Scrum approach was used for the development process. We also set the Continuous Delivery process for the staging server, which allowed us to have instant feedback from the client.

We have chosen the Client-Server architecture which allows building the backend API independently from the frontend and scaling only those parts of the application that are necessary during the peak loads.

Key Features

  • Optimization of the Carrier’s route;
  • Automatic selection of an available Carrier based on their work schedule;
  • Flexible system for creating applications for lab tests (one-off, recurring, with custom schedules);
  • Real-time control of the delivery process;
  • Full control of the actions of all participants (logs of all activities).

How It Works

A Clinic or Doctor can order a medical test analysis from a Laboratory through the app ad hoc or on a regular basis. The Laboratory receives this order and either manually or automatically assigns a Carrier. The Carrier receives a notification, takes the order, and confirms the number of tests received. Then they deliver the tests to the Laboratory that confirms the number of tests as well.



We’ve created a simple and flexible system for managing orders for lab tests which can be used as SaaS. The order and delivery operations got automated which resulted in saving much time and streamlining the entire process to track the application status in real-time. This has led  to the enhanced customer experience and streamlined processes of operations.

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