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The customer, a logistic company, wanted to order the courier app to connect the customers and carriers on a real-time basis. The requirement was to build the app for courier service that helps to find and execute clients’ orders swiftly.

  • Ability to track the car online
  • Communication
  • Push notifications
  • Ability to add comments
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to pick up the carrier


The development of this delivery mobile app pursued the goal to gain a wider client database and provide easy access to customers/carriers. It was decided that the aforementioned parties would agree on the deal with the help of the bid system. It should use geolocation for creating the connection between customers and carriers. As the objects of delivery are diverse, the option of text-based and picture exchange communication should be implemented. The interface of the delivery app should feature the details of the order (deadline, location, kind of service, and any additional information) and help the carriers search and find the best option.

  • GPS support
  • Push notifications
  • Data flow synchronization
  • Camera support
  • Gallery support
  • Integration with payment systems (i.e. Robokassa, etc.)
  • Commentary option
  • Bid system implementation


The app allows ordering any kind of courier services, including bringing pets from the vet, the delivery of flowers, standard taxi services, and many others. Clients place orders online, carriers react and make bids, the keen price wins, and the order is taken. From the carriers’ perspective, the app shows them the nearby pickups and lets them react appropriately. It saves time and gas and provides them with the trump card. The app allows reacting ASAP and being the first to get the order once the price for a logistic operation is finalized.

Key Features

  • Obtaining geolocation coordinates of clients/carriers
  • Data synchronization for the orders taken
  • Instant messaging between the clients and couriers
  • Notification of new orders and bids
  • Option to comment on orders and bids
  • Ability to place a bid
  • Flexible access to a client/carrier database
  • E-payment option




The mobile delivery app developed by the SCAND team helps the customer build a service for keeping carriers in touch with the clients’ orders through the platform and with the help of push notifications and a convenient flexible interface. The payment is fulfilled with the inbuilt e-purse.

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