FinTech Software Development Services

Being a fintech software company, we combine financial expertise with innovative technologies to deliver outstanding fintech solutions. FinTech industry keeps growing impressively and becomes more influential each year, so we are here to help businesses grasp all of its opportunities.

Fintech Software and Professional Services

SCAND provides fintech app development  for a variety of businesses like fintech start-ups, traditional financial and non-financial companies. Here is a list of fintech software services we provide:

  • Custom Fintech Development
  • Fintech Mobile App Development
  • Fintech UI/UX and Web Design
  • Digital Banking Services
  • Fintech Payment Solutions
  • Data Analytics in Fintech

FinTech Software Solutions

Having almost 20 years of experience in banking and financial software development, we create new or improve existing financial solutions for our customers.  We are ready to analyze the market and build an effective fintech solution for your business. Here is what we offer:

Fintech Big Data Solutions

We offer fintech big data analytics and data science solutions development for businesses, helping them to provide more personalized services, detect fraud and manage risks. Learn more

Financial Planning and Management Solutions

At SCAND, we provide easy-integrated and cost-effective solutions for managing finance and working with any financial data.

Electronic Trading Platforms

Being aware of financial trading technology we aim at creating  sophisticated and innovative e-trading solutions to help our clients become more productive. Using fintech technologies, we manage to simplify the interaction with trading operations.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions

When delivering our blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, we make sure they have all the crucial features required by the industry standards: high level of security and anonymity, geographical and location restrictions.

Fintech Payment Solutions

We create fintech payment solutions of different kinds: B2B payments, fintech digital payments, mobile payments and P2P transfers, for personal finance management, retail and e-commerce industry and many more.


Staff Augmentation

We have experienced fintech developers working with a full stack technologies used in financial services. Our dedicated team can assist with a variety of tasks: from building a whole system from scratch or adjust the existing one, as well as perform integration work. Whatever you choose, we are always ready for an immediate start.

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