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Mobile implementation of a personal account on the website has informational value for its clients. Whether it pertains to banks or pension funds, people occasionally need speedy access to their contracts and agreements. In case they are on their way, have to do without their laptops, or simply require only checking the balance, the mobile app with a reduced set of features is always a way out and time saver.

Personal account is a native mobile app developed by our team that serves exactly this purpose. We concentrated on providing a user with the core app features he/she needs on mobile. Initially, the SCAND mobile app development team created the solution for a pension fund that moves with the times. Alternatively, it’s a user-friendly mobile personal account for bank clients.


In an attempt to enable fast and convenient information supply, we carefully designed UX and UI elements and adapted the user interface to mobile devices.

Communication with the server supported getting all relevant information, from the account details to topical news, and picking out a favorably located office.

Key Features

As the main focus was to identify the most demanded features for mobile avoiding the abundance of items, the set of application opportunities is reduced to:

  • Checking the balance or account statements.
  • Choosing any transaction and seeing its status or pension payment details.
  • Finding a required agreement from the list and tracking the money transfer.
  • Keeping up with the latest news.

Thanks to this feature, any changes in cooperation conditions, increase or decrease in rates, and other updates won’t remain unnoticed by the app’s users.

  • Contacting the office or finding its nearest branch.

If Personal Account’s users have to provide documents, request information, or get an account statement, our native application will point them towards the office location in their neighborhood. If required, the users can also contact the office directly.




Personal Account is a native mobile app solution capable of reducing time expenses on data search and giving its users all essential financial info. The app runs on Android and iOS devices.
Our mobile app developers made personal accounts for a pension fund and banks available on mobile. The Personal Account native app gives users the information about their agreements and transactions in a few clicks.

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