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Digital Publishing Services

With almost 20 years of experience in building smart and compelling, mobile and digital e-publishing solutions for various industries, we deliver multi-format, multi-channel software targeted to our clients’ specific set of audiences. SCAND digital publishing services are focused on digitizing printed books, newspapers, magazines, reports and distributing them across multiple electronic devices.

To increase the efficiency of digital publishing software applications SCAND provides:

  • E-book publishing solutions
  • The development of digital libraries and catalogs
  • Web-to-Print Solutions
  • Workflow automation services for Adobe InDesign
  • Digital rights management (DRM) for web and mobile
  • Digital Signature Solutions
  • Plugins and Extensions Development for Adobe products

Digital Publishing Expertise

Digital Book Publishing Software Development

Our eBook reader development expertise includes but not limited to building electronic publishing solutions for content aggregators, corporate trainers, publishers, and educational institutions. Book reader applications developed by SCAND can work on various mobile devices: iOS and Android, and support various formats, from ePUB to HTML, CSS and more.

SDK Development

We are experienced in building SDKs for fellow eBook developers. SCAND e-publishing solution in the domain is represented by our very own product developed in C++ — epuBear — that allows addressing the needs of any epub-focused project featuring wrappers in Java for Android development, in Swift for iOS and in C# for Xamarin.

Adobe InDesign Plugins and Extensions Development

Having a good understanding of how we can facilitate the use of certain digital publishing software applications used by designers, publishers, professors, artists, marketing specialists, and other professionals, we provide our deep expertise in delivering Adobe InDesign plugins and extensions addressed to different objectives: from inserting formulas to content reflow.

Web-to-Print Solutions Development

Although print and digital publishing are correlated notions, there is often a need to convert printed content to digital formats. SCAND develops online automation and mass printing solutions to meet our clients’ printing communication needs. Web-to-print systems we deliver offer everything from B2B customer portals with quoting e-publishing tools to procurement systems.

DRM Solutions Development

We develop digital right management solutions across a wide variety of languages and technologies to offer first-class DRM software for both desktops and mobiles, as well as web and cloud services. Our DRM software solutions are aimed at enforcing and administering copyright controls, applying a highly effective yet simple protection system while staying integrated with any kind of web app solutions.

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Digital Solutions For Enterprises

We have been developing digital publishing platforms for enterprises for almost 20 years. Our expertise level allows us developing multi-platform, smart and robust electronic publishing systems for various industries. Whether you need a mass printing solution to be embedded into the existing web application, want to digitize a signature process or tickets operations, facilitate the process of learning with interactive content, whatever — we’ve got you covered.

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How to start working with us?

Digital Publishing Solutions

SCAND team of experienced and creative developers armed with advanced tools and technologies has already covered each stage of the digital publishing process with at least one innovative e-publishing software solution, and we are always looking forward to new challenges.


PubTyper is the answer to the question on how to merge PDF files in Adobe, as well as files of any other Adobe-supported format.

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MathML Kit

An e-publishing tool that provides support of math equations for Adobe InDesign Server, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe InCopy in the MathML format.

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A combination of the Cloud Storage and EPUB Reader that allows hosting, storing, and sharing EPUB files for their further reading from various devices.

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