Desktop Publishing Software Development

When it comes to the scores of desktop publishing tasks, the skills in DTP automation SCAND applies to turn challenges into software sound as follows: financial reports, books, and textbooks, Digital first, Digital rights management (DRM), book rental systems, and augmented reality.

Desktop publishing software we develop helps to manage publishing life cycles and the workflow, from the data input to layout creation, color support, making vector graphics, and order control.

Desktop Publishing Solutions

To increase the efficiency of desktop publishing software applications and automate DTP process, SCAND provides:

  • Automation of publishing processes on top of Adobe InDesign
  • Web-to-Print Solutions
  • Workflow automation services for Adobe InDesign
  • Digital assets and digital rights management (DRM) for web and mobile digital content
  • Plugins Development for Adobe products, including InDesign, InDesign Server, InCopy, Photoshop, and Illustrator for both Windows and macOS
  • QuarkXPress XTensions

Meet our Top products in DTP

Working with DTP, we continually accumulate critical needs of developers in order to create our own products. Their primary objective is to offer ready-made solutions, e.g., simplify managing EPUB or vector files. How does our expertise transform into the development kits? See in the list below.
  • EpubCloud

    EpubCloud is a service that allows you to manage and distribute your EPUB content — EPUB files are uploaded to the AWS Cloud Storage for their safe hosting and wide sharing. EPUB Reader makes it easy to download and then display the e-books.

  • MathML Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

    Native MathML formulas support tool for InDesign documents.
  • epuBear

    A cross-platform EPUB SDK created by SCAND facilitates the EPUB reader development. Working with the EPUB file format becomes easier and besides, our EPUB toolkit is accessible for various mobile operating systems.

  • SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

    SCAND offers flexible solutions and extensions based upon Adobe Creative Suite, beginning from CS and ending with CC 2018. We have strong experience in plug-in development for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other Adobe products, both for Windows and macOS X.

DTP areas we impact

Desktop publishing covers lots of interrelated questions the SCAND team aims to solve. Our objective is to speed up the DTP process and assist in the areas below:

Digital first

The shift to a digital-first mindset is typical of more and more companies these days. In the context of DTP, such publishing giants as Pearson, Safari, or Elsevier make digital books first bearing in mind the necessity to redesign them for physically printed copies as well.

To embrace the digital-first challenges, we work on the automated desktop publishing systems and provide the solutions that enable:

  • Creating books and all the other types of content in a digital form in the first instance with the authoring tools.
  • Turning digital content into paper-based books automatically on the fly. Adobe InDesign facilities are used to fit all fonts, color spaces, and proofing.
  • Generating one aggregated outcome for both digital and paper worlds.
  • Publishing books on the Web/in the cloud and making them accessible on the mobile devices. Online book rental services are constantly enriching the choice available, whereas DRM technologies control the distribution of digital copies.
  • Letting users adopt selected chapters from the books for creating their own pieces of work (custom publishing).
  • Providing augmented reality for paper and digital worlds. A photo taken on the mobile phone or tablet allows getting extra info or images opened digitally.

Also, we work with SEC-compatible materials.

Automation of financial documents publishing

Whether it pertains to fact and time sheets, fund commentaries, prospectuses, fund guides, or other forms of presenting data, a plenty of major companies have to prepare their official documents according to the requirements in an electronic format.

In regard to publishing, investment funds, banks, and stock exchanges can get all the documents needed in the shortest term due to our automated solutions. Besides, rich charts and hypothetical growth charts, annual/calendar returns, marketing collaterals, and the other means of presenting data are available.

The workflow hereby might be either simple— import-fix-print-check until approval—or complex, with several approval steps before release.

Depending on the corporate processes of our customers, we provide our own templates or are engaged in their creation and support.

Automated publishing on demand

If there is a need to spread the information around multiple sources, we promptly suggest dozens of electronic forms to companies, so that they choose the most suitable option. Wherever necessary, manuals, travel guides, booklets, invoices, magazines, cards, or tickets can be published all at once.

We carefully consider each customer’s system and requirements to select the most relevant tools from those we work with: DocBook, OpenDoc, OASIS CALS, or XSL-FO.

Custom publishing

Our own product in this area represents our vision for semi-automatic process and differs considerably from fully automated solutions we have created.

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