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A SCAND aspiration to develop top quality mobile applications was embodied in the Smart Feed Reader project. The key aspects of the application were the following:

  • Create an Android RSS reader.
  • Add support for RDF and ATOM feeds.
  • Provide smart filters and offline reading abilities.
  • Add news and feed sharing abilities.
  • Make the app user-friendly.
  • Add quality interface and design.


Taking into consideration serious competition in App Store and Google Play, our mobile department decided to combine a number of useful and demanded features with some unique ones. The app is quite universal in terms of feed formats and user abilities to manage content. Smart Feed Reader utilizes our approach to mobile development that is aimed to bring the most important and wide functionality in the most convenient form.

Key Features

  • Support of RSS, RDF, and ATOM Feeds

The application supports various feed formats to make sure that users will be able to find their favourite. Smart Feed Reader enables users to conveniently add new feeds. Moreover, the app has advanced filtering and a full-text search.

  • Offline Reading

Smart Feed Reader provides users with the ability to read a full article offline. The application preloads data when the device is online to make feeds available afterwards. Additionally, the app can group articles by their date to ease navigation.

  • Smart News Filtering

The Smart News Filtering feature allows creating smart filters. Each filter is made up of a search condition to match a specific news parameter and an action to perform. You can copy your news into some criteria folder, mark news as Read or Starred, or just delete it.

  • User-friendly Interface

The app combines perfect usability with a convenient user interface. Design is adapted to each single platform making Smart Feed Reader one of the best RSS readers for Android devices. Also, it shows content and plays media files that are attached to the original articles.




Smart Feed Reader enables users to read a wide range of feeds, manage news by using automated filtering, organize feed groups by any criteria they choose, rate the most interesting readings or important news, and share them with friends. This application will be very useful for those who choose the Android operating system.

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