Providing custom software development services, SCAND also acts as an IT outstaffing company. Outstaffing means extending your in-house development team with remote employees who officially work at the provider company but fully dedicated to your project.

Benefits of Outstaffing Model

The IT outstaffing model is a great option for large and continuous projects as well as for companies that already have a properly managed software development team but need to scale it up fast.

Here are the core benefits of using outstaffing services:

  • Full control over the development process
  • Significant cost savings: no need to provide equipment, infrastructure, social benefits
  • The simple and fast hiring process
  • The access to the pool of specialists with the experience and skills your project requires



We have a strong pool of experienced software engineers and managers, so the team members will be selected in accordance with skills and expertise required for your project.


We prefer to communicate daily, share progress, and eliminate all the emerging issues as fast as possible.

Also, we are open for two-way guest visits that allow us getting acquainted in real life to set better contact.


Our transparent approach to management allows to provide you with a detailed picture of the development process.


We are ready to work  with any soft, on any workflow type, and with the technology you need or prefer for your project.


If you hire software programmers at SCAND, you get a development team of talented and motivated experts who will apply their knowledge and experience to turn your business ideas into effective software solutions. They are experienced in a wide range of technologies and industries: from banking and logistics to healthcare and education.

How to start

  • You Ask

    • Share your expectations with us, specify the requirements to the team members.

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    • We get back to you as soon as possible with the profiles of professionals required.
  • You Get
    • Within 1-2 weeks you get a team of professionals ready to start working on your project.

Free Trial Period

If you are not satisfied with the result after a month of our work, we guarantee no billing for this month.