Virtual & Augmented Reality app development

SCAND provides a wide variety of AR/VR development services for businesses worldwide. Our development team has sufficient experience in creating user-friendly augmented and virtual reality apps for various industry domains: automotive, aerospace, education, healthcare, marketing and retail, etc. As the main goal of augmented and virtual reality development is to provide the best user experience, we make sure each solution we come up with, is always close to reality.

Virtual & augmented reality development services

SCAND develops competitive, high-quality applications for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with the deep understanding of our clients’ requirements, we are delivering AR VR solutions that are either in or rather above the line with our clients’ expectations. We build AR/VR apps for smartphones (both Android and iOS), tablets, hybrid laptops, etc.

AR/VR Technologies

Technologies used for augmented and virtual reality app development include OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Wikitude, EasyAR, ARToolKit, ARCore and more. Also, we are competent to develop a framework that will suit your particular needs.

Whatever you need, a core product or implementation of AR/VR technologies into your existing app, we will assist you in receiving a solution that will be helpful to your particular business and purpose.


  • Augmented Reality

    SCAND team delivers engaging augmented reality apps in the era of digital interaction for all types of companies: small, mid-sized and enterprises. Our experience includes the development of TV augmented reality apps, various educational and entertainment AR apps.

  • Virtual Reality

    We develop virtual reality solutions for innovative workplace with realistic and collaborative scenarios and solutions for boosting sales by improving buyer’s experience. We can create custom 3D models for any field including, but not limited to, healthcare, air and space, education, automotive, travel, military and many more.

  • Mixed Reality

    Our app development experience in mixed reality allows us to create solutions aimed at providing a real-time view of actual surroundings combined with an overlay of intelligent virtual objects, supplying enterprise employees with the best of both the physical and digital worlds.


SCAND is creating virtual and augmented reality applications for various industry domains.

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Why Scand

  • SCAND Code Etiquette

    Our team produces clean and easily manageable lines of code
  • SCAND Security Confirmation

    We work under the NDA and ISO 27001 information security management standard
  • SCAND Development Flexibility

    Every accepted IT challenge keeps our system developers in good fettle
  • SCAND Deadlines Respectability

    Meeting the deadline of the project is the Golden Rule of our company
  • SCAND Support Policy

    We provide the full-scale maintenance and support of the software developed to keep our customers satisfied
  • SCAND Cost-Effective Solutions

    Affordable hourly rates in Eastern European region guarantee great ROI