Augmented and Virtual Reality Software

Keeping pace with the times, SCAND provides a wide range of AR/VR solutions for businesses worldwide. To offer the best-practice, cutting-edge technologies, our team of experienced developers takes advantage of both engineering expertise and understanding of the ways in which AR/VR technologies may suggest to our clients. Taking note of the biggest strengths of AR/VR, our products feature both quality graphics and a user-friendly interface. Also, considering the fact that the outcome of augmented and virtual reality development has to provide the best user experience, we make sure that whatever is presented is always close to reality.

AR/VR Solutions

SCAND expertise in the sector allows addressing to the needs of any industry where AR/VR technologies could be applied, including healthcare, air and space, education, automotive, travel, military and many more. Combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with the deep understanding of our clients’ requirements, we are delivering advanced, competitive, high-quality products that are either in or rather above the line with our clients’ expectations.

The development of AR/VR solutions involves using different frameworks, including OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Wikitude, EasyAR, ARToolKit, ARCore and more. Also, we are competent to develop a framework that will suit your particular needs.

SCAND builds AR/VR apps for smartphones (both Android and iOS), tablets, hybrid laptops, etc. Whatever you need, a core product or implementation of AR/VR technologies into your existing app, we will assist you in receiving a solution that will be helpful to your particular business and purpose.

AR/VR Approaches

Our expertise in AR/VR covers all three possible approaches known for making businesses undergo the evolution of innovative content delivery. These approaches include the development of applications with:

Augmented Reality

Used by SCAND team to deliver engaging experiences in the era of digital interaction. Our experience includes the development of the following augmented reality apps:

  • Augmented Reality Postcard App — the app that allows enhancing postcards with pictures, videos, and music. Augmented reality technology is used here to create unique cards for further scanning and bringing them to life, providing postcard senders with the ability to put all their creative ideas into action and let addressees get emotions as a gift.
  • TV Augmented Reality — the augmented reality app for promoting products of TV manufacturers that allows users inspecting and choosing TV sets remotely, without even leaving home, as well as checking whether a chosen TV works with the interior.
  • Deep Sea World — one of the augmented reality apps for education that helps in obtaining knowledge about the creatures living in the sea. Augmented reality was implemented by SCAND VR/AR app developers to provide its users with the ability to view a 3D fish from different sides on their smartphones or tablets, show how the fish swims by making the image move and provide each card with the description of the habitat and fish nature in an audio story format.

Virtual Reality

Used to transform the level and quality of perception by providing real-life and real-time experience. Virtual reality technology is applicable nearly to every sphere and can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • solutions for innovative workplace aimed at improving training with realistic and collaborative scenarios;
  • solutions for boosting sales by improving buyer’s experience;
  • solutions for a design aimed at accelerating the design-making process with the help of immersive review of high-end 3D models and many more.

Mixed Reality

Instead of pitting augmented reality vs virtual reality, mixed reality allows creating a hybrid reality experience, enabling to provide the mix of both ar AR and VR best features. Mixed reality can offer unbelievably effective solutions for businesses, including:

  • solutions aimed at providing an inviting customer experience;
  • solutions aimed at providing enterprise employees with the best of both the physical and digital worlds;
  • solutions for boosting the effectiveness of educational processes by providing immersive experiences and preparing students/interns for real-life situations in a more hands-on way;
  • solutions aimed at providing a real-time view of actual surroundings combined with an overlay of intelligent virtual objects.


Areas We Impact

The implementation of virtual and augmented reality is one of the most progressive and perspective ways of ensuring that your business is keeping up to date and is worthy of the public’s attention and trust. For this reason, SCAND team of AR/VR developers creates solutions that are consistent with business goals, strategies, and requirements of every single customer. Some of the areas we impact include:


Both augmented and virtual reality software is used to enhance the process of learning, making it more enjoyable and, what is more important, highly efficient. Augmented, mixed or virtual reality in the classroom can be used to:

  • learn through playing virtual or augmented reality games;
  • create stronger educational experiences through visualization of the material;
  • conduct classes with virtual guided tours;
  • practice skills in a close to the real-life and real-time environment.


Healthcare is one of those fields that is significantly benefiting from AR/VR technologies. They can be used for a great variety of purposes, including:

  • virtual reality therapy;
  • treatment of psychological traumas;
  • treatment of phobias where AR/VR are used as means of exposure therapy;
  • rehabilitation and wound care (ex.: for burn victims);
  • treatment of phantom limb pain where AR/VR is replacing a mirror therapy;
  • training medical students and interns, practicing and creating plans before surgeries.


AR/VR technologies are significantly changing the way customers interact with the world. Today, both virtual reality and augmented reality in retail can enhance the customers’ experience by allowing them to:

  • virtually try on clothes and shoes visiting virtual fitting rooms or looking in the mirror with incorporated AR/VR technologies;
  • experience any products or services in the privacy of their own homes simply by using AR/VR mobile apps, which can be seen as virtual reality stores;
  • use the products with implemented AR/VR technologies that unlock after a customer takes a required action ( for ex.: allows a webcam to read the embedded code).

Air and Space

Air and space were among the first areas where both augmented and virtual reality experiences allowed and still allow:

  • solving problems pilots may have in the cockpit;
  • training pilots for severe weather conditions;
  • training astronauts for spacewalks.


For good reason, one of the most prospective areas where AR/VR technologies are flourishing is marketing. Today, there is no better way to generate interest, excitement and a strong memory for a brand than promoting it with the help of the latest technologies. Augmented, mixed or virtual reality in marketing are used to:

  • attract the public’s attention to any sort of product by providing potential customers with the ability to see its virtual prototype;
  • highlight the best features of products by providing potential customers with the closest to the real-life experience of using them;
  • provide brand awareness by using the latest technologies such as AR/VR, which are helpful in attracting potential customers;
  • straight up sell ads and many more.

Journalism and Publishing

AR/VR technologies are significantly changing the face of both journalism and publishing by providing the ability to:

  • tell journalistic stories with the ability to offer real-life and real-time experience;
  • bring readers to the places mentioned in a narrative;
  • deepen the understanding of published materials and the events.


When it comes to traveling, AR/VR solutions that represent some kind of a journey themselves can be used for a variety of purposes. They can:

  • help potential travelers to decide on what place to visit;
  • teleport travelers from one place to another in a few seconds;
  • provide some important information about the culture and language of unfamiliar countries;
  • help travelers to decide on which tourist attractions they want to visit;
  • prepare travelers for a journey and many more.

Real estate

With the implementation of AR/VR technologies in the field of real estate, both potential clients and real estate agents are able to:

  • look around the rooms without leaving their home or office;
  • get an idea about the property and surrounding infrastructure;
  • see how furniture will fit with the interior;
  • plan the layout of the apartments.

Skilled Trades

When it comes to skilled trades, both AR and VR technologies allow increasing the efficiency and quality of work that has to be done by providing the ability to:

  • have an easily understandable and accessible guide on repairs right in your field of view;
  • keep hands free while planning some repairs or constructions;
  • figure out how things have to be done to avoid mistakes;
  • train newbies to do their job by providing hands-on experience and many more.

Automotive Industry

AR/VR technologies in the automotive industry bring some significant advantages both to the workers of the field and their clients. They can be used to:

  • create a design before making a physical prototype;
  • test cars to get an idea of what the customer experience would be;
  • get a safe test drive;
  • see a car from the inside and even sit inside of it;
  • create successful marketing campaigns and many more.

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