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The impressive development of the cryptocurrency industry encourages more and more businesses to invest in crypto development. Find out how to build and run a robust and competitive cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Find out how alternative credit scoring models make crediting services more accessible for the population and why more and more lending companies prefer developing custom credit scoring software.


Find out more about product information management (PIM) systems and how e-commerce companies use PIM to handle product data efficiently.


Find out how to develop a successful E-commerce marketplace and what features to include in it.


Here are some of the ways that telehealth can benefit patients and healthcare organizations.


Let’s look at why the Internet of Things is so crucial for the future of inventory management.


Learn how AI is influencing supply chain management and logistics industry in general.


Here’s a rundown of what high availability is, how it works, and how companies can take advantage of this.

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Learn how to build products that deliver continuous value to customers using an Agile approach to software development.


Here’s all you need to know to create an effective and efficient vendor management process.


React.js security guide: All you need to know to protect your web app effectively.


Find out more about cross-platform mobile app development tools and their capabilities in this guide.

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Check out the difference between functional and non-functional requirements for a software development project.


Check out why you should use Node.js for building your apps in 2021.


What’s the difference between front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developers, and what can you expect from each in terms of skill set and daily work? Discover in this infographic.

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Smart technologies are becoming inextricably woven into our homes and lifestyles due to their rapid advancement. In this infographic, we explain how smart homes are taking on the world.


Review our article on how we've developed a Realm Browser for Android devices.

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An Ultimate Guide to Blockchain: Everything you need to know to build your own blockchain app.


Check out this infographic and learn how IoT and embedded systems can increase efficiency of industrial companies.


Check out this infographic and learn what industries could be transformed by blockchain or have its indelible impact in near future.


Progressive web apps - a new way to get your business closer to your customers. Read our recent guide on PWA.

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Check out this infographic and learn how online retailers can benefit from Augmented Reality.

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Discover what common pitfalls developers run into during the IoT development projects in our recent infographic.


Check out this infographics in this blog post and discover how IoT is transforming the automotive and transportation sectors.


Is Waterfall better than RAD? Read our latest comparison between those two methodologies.


What opportunities does IoT offer to the citizens and the urban environment? Review our infographic about that.


Review our recent infographic on all the main opportunities the IIoT technology has to offer today.


View our infographic about Medical IoT (IoMT) and the advantages it brings to the healthcare industry.


How can the hospitality industry benefit from adopting the Internet of things? Learn it from our infographic.


Learn the benefits of IoT in Agriculture from our latest infographic.


Vehicle tracking and improved inventory management — what other benefits IoT brings to the logistics industry? Review our recent infographic.


What is RPA and how it can effectively automate different processes for a variety of businesses, read in our latest whitepaper.


Why does your business need a payment gateway and which one to choose? Learn from our latest Short Guide on "How to Integrate a Payment Gateway".


How much does a mobile app cost? This infographic helps to answer the question by identifying the key drivers of cost in mobile app development.

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Agile vs Waterfall: which project management methodology is better for software development? Read our recent 'How to guide'.


How to Choose the Right Software Development Model? Read our recent Software Development Models Comparison.


Seems like digital publishing has become an integral part of many industries. Read our recent overview on ‘Digital publishing trends in 2019’.


What are the benefits of DevOps and how to implement it? Read our recent blog post to know.


How to implement business intelligence (BI)? Read about it in our latest guide.


Attendance monitoring and classroom access control — these are just a couple of benefits that IoT brings to the education industry. Learn more from our infographic.


How can the hospitality industry benefit from adopting the Internet of things? Learn it from our infographic.

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