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Development Kit

EpuBear SDK

Lightweight, easily customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK for EPUB readers development. Acts as a standalone reader for books in EPUB format with no ads and no limitations in functionality. Learn more

Starts from: $699

text reader

Text Reader

An EpuBear add-on for implementing the logic of text selection, copying, searching, scoring through TTS (iOS, Android).

Only: $299

page curl

Page Curl

A reader add-on that provides a wide range of possibilities for creating beautiful turning page animation (iOS, Android).

For Android: $199

epub media

EPUB Media

An EpuBear add-on for playing audio and video embedded into EPUB (iOS, Android).

Only: $199


Ready-Made Mobile Solutions

pdf view

PDF Viewer

A basic component that allows to view and navigate across PDF files (iOS, Android). Can open and interact with all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia.

Only: $299

white label epub

WhiteLabel EPUB Reader

A basic reader that provides UI and basic functionality (reading, text selection, bookmarks) of EPUB reader (iOS, Android, ReactNative) and includes EpuBear SDK, EpuBear View, Text Reader, EPUB Media, Page Curl.

Only: $4198

white label pdf

WhiteLabel PDF Reader

A basic reader that provides UI and basic functionality (reading, text selection, bookmarks) of PDF reader (iOS, Android).

Only: $2499

EpuBear view

EpuBear Viewer

A basic component that allows to view and navigate across EPUB files (iOS, Android, Xamarin). EpuBear SDK is needed.

Only: $299


DRM Solutions

Crypto Gateway

Crypto Gateway is a service that allows encrypting and delivering content to display on any device in a secure way. It is used to protect sensitive information and intellectual property rights, avoid data breaches and cyber threats. Learn more



A custom full functional system, developed upon customer specific needs. Includes cloud storage, content encryption, authentication and visualization across various devices and other features.


Ready-Made Web Solutions


A combination of the Cloud Storage and EPUB Reader that allows hosting, storing, and sharing EPUB files for their further reading from various devices. Learn more



  • EpuBear SDK iOS $699
  • EpuBear SDK Android $699
  • EpuBear SDK Xamarin $1199
  • EpuBear Viewer iOS $299
  • EpuBear Viewer Android $299
  • EpuBear Viewer Xamarin $299
  • PDF Viewer iOs $299
  • PDF Viewer Android $299
  • Text Reader iOS $299
  • Text Reader Android $299
  • Page Curl (iOS is free) Android $199
  • EPUB Media iOS $199
  • EPUB Media Android $199
  • WhiteLabel EPUB Reader iOS $4198
  • WhiteLabel EPUB Reader Android $4198
  • WhiteLabel PDF Reader iOS $2499
  • WhiteLabel PDF Reader Android $2499
  • EPUB Cloud Upon Request
  • CryptoGateway Upon Request
  • DRM Upon Request


SCAND is providing a full range of e-publishing solutions. We develop custom software for dozens of clients worldwide, and we would be glad to do this for you. You are welcome to submit your project/product request using our contact form. We will contact you shortly to clarify all the requirements.

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