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SCAND mobile department tried to develop a universal and flexible solution for viewing PDF files. That’s why the library was packed with the following abilities:

  • Support of PDF files
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Fast parsing and rendering engine
  • Full-text search
  • Text selection
  • Notes
  • Bookmarks


Our solution was designed to provide both developers and users with a quality PDF library. Developers can utilize the library to add PDF support to their applications, while users can download apps with the built-in advanced PDF reader functionality. Also, the library carefully uses system resources such as memory and CPU to save the battery charge while working with large PDF files.

Key Features

  • PDF Display

The library adds the PDF support and enables developers to provide their products with the ability to open PDF documents. The library supports both small and large PDF files.

  • Full Text Search and Selection

The PDF library allows users to utilize full-text search by documents. Also, the library enables text selection to copy words, phrases, and the whole text fragments to the clipboard.

  • Notes and Bookmarks

The PDF library adds the ability to bookmark certain pages to go back to them later. Moreover, users can leave notes that will be saved and associated with a certain word or a part of the text.




SCAND has successfully completed the development of the PDF library with the advanced functionality. The solution can now be used to create powerful PDF readers for iOS and Android platforms.

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