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The main goal of the project was to avoid excessive complexity of the resulting solution. That’s why our approach included:

  • Creating a small SVG library.
  • Adding the support for vector background and icons.
  • Avoiding unnecessary features.
  • Using SVG as a resource, in external files, and from string.


As SCAND mobile developers needed to implement SVG mobile support in a small and efficient library, they decided to build a custom solution. They integrated only the required features such as support for icons, backgrounds, charts, document pages, and diagrams in a vector format and excluded animations, compositions, JavaScript, and user input. The result fully meets their needs in mobile development for the Android platform.

Key Features

  • Size and Reliability

SCAND mobile department paid special attention to the size of the SVG Kit library. Generally, they made it as small as possible. However, the size didn’t affect the overall reliability of our mobile SVG solution.

  • Designed by Developers to Developers

As our developers evaluated dozens of similar libraries, they faced the common list of troubles such as low performance, being over-featured, and too complicated in maintenance libraries. Our SVG on Android is rid of these shortcomings.

  • Ultimate Vector Support

The library adds Android SVG support for mobile applications. Our engineers have eliminated animations, compositions, JavaScript, or user input, as we want to use just a vector background or an icon.

  • Flexibility

Our mobile development kept to the following principle: no extra code, no extra libraries, and no tuning. This allowed our SVG Kit for Android to utilize SVG as a resource, SVG in external files, and SVG from string.




SVG Kit for Android is an extremely useful library that is frequently utilized in SCAND development projects for Android. Our developers achieved their main goal and made the library quite small and flexible. It includes several features that are often absent in “huge” libraries.

See more about SVG Kit for Android on the product page.

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