Front end Development

SCAND front end development team has been creating innovative solutions for over 15 years already. Working with all types of businesses (enterprises, mid-size, startups) we have developed solutions for ERP, CRM, Digital Publishing, Big Data, Augmented and Virtual Reality. We utilize React.js, Angular, Vue.js and other popular JS technologies to make outstanding web and mobile apps.

Front End Development Services

SCAND front end developers utilize various JS frameworks and libraries to speed up the development process and deliver appealing web and mobile apps. We can start working on the project at any development stage — from an idea to legacy code. We provide:

  • Custom front end app development
  • UI design services
  • Single page applications
  • PWAs
  • Dedicated front end development team

Our Front end Expertise

Front end Web Development

SCAND front end web development team has vast experience in making user-friendly web interfaces that help improve user experience and increase customer engagement. Leveraging our best-in-class web app development expertise we help our customers create top-notch web apps and portals.

Front end Mobile Development

Our front end mobile app development team specializes in creating intuitive user interfaces across all mobile devices. Keeping pace with the latest mobile trends we are constantly improving our skills in front end development for mobiles. Whether it is a B2B, B2C, e-learning or a healthcare app we can handle it all.

Front end Desktop Development

Our front end development team leverages its deep understanding of the desktop systems and hardware to embody the most user-friendly UIs in desktop solutions that correspond to the latest web-development design trends.

Cross-platform Development

While utilizing our relevant experience in JavaScript, Qt and other frameworks we create compelling cross-platform apps with modern design and great usability and functionality. We make your web application become accessible for your target audience on any browser, device and platform.

Front end Development Stack


We use AngularJS to develop enterprise-level front end solutions. It is a good choice when complex mobile and desktop applications have tight deadlines or require a substantial team of engineers.


We choose React.js to build a wide variety of user interfaces, especially when it comes to the creation of large single-page applications. Solutions built with React are highly indexable by the search engines.


We utilize Vue.js to build simple and complex apps. Vue.js allows us creating independent components which speed up the development process. We also use Vuex library for state management.

Other Technologies

Technologies & Tools

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