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If you searching for remote front end developers to extend your current team or to run a brand new project, SCAND is here for you to offer a pool of 70+ front end engineers to choose from. We have successfully completed more than 50 projects for over 40 customers across multiple domains and are always ready to assist our new and current clients.
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Front end Development Services we provide

While using cutting-edge front end technologies such as Angular, Vue.js, React.js, Bootstrap, Ionic, and other JS technologies our team of front end developers helps enhancing user experience while creating responsive, user-friendly and interactive UIs. Taking into account all functionality, navigation, accessibility issues we develop attractive cross-browser apps tailored to the customer needs that run on any device. We create PWAs, SPAs, web, desktop, mobile, cloud apps of any complexity and size as well as we additionally provide QA testing and DevOps services.


Full-Cycle Development Process

Our remote Front end team offers a full-cycle development process, we ensure the delivery of ready-to-use, competitive, maintainable software solutions aimed at enhancing businesses of our clients and increasing their ROI.

Requirements and Analysis

In-depth project requirements analysis, suggesting the best architectural solution and the roadmap for the entire project realization.

UX/UI Design

Turning the software specifications into a design plan, preparing design mockups and creating project prototype.

Software Development

Both front end and back-end development, generating the programming code on the previously chosen language.


Running QA testing on every development stage, detecting defects, reporting, bug tracking, fixing and retesting.

Deployment and Support

The actual product release phase, deployment on the market and after release support and maintenance.

How to Hire Our Front end Developers

You can hire a dedicated Front end developer on time & material material basis or we can allocate a dedicated Front end development team available to start working right away.

Team Selection Once we get your inquiry we select the most appropriate Front end developers for you, then send the CVs and schedule an interview.
Interview You interview the selected candidates for your project.
Agreement Once you select the required specialists we proceed with the agreement issues.
Working process setup Together we discuss the project management and communication tools to make the working process more transparent.
Project kick off The front end development team starts working within a few days after the contract is signed.

Why clients hire our Front end engineers

Qualified IT specialists
Cost Savings
Good Command of English
Fast project kickoff
1 month Zero Billing Guarantee
Long-term Commitment