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Our team was challenged to develop a platform for displaying the results of sports events in real-time in order to popularize such events. The main kind of sport the platform had to work with was racing.


SCAND team developed a platform that allows inputting the results of sports competition from the event place directly to the system that processes this data and displays it for the users online. As a CMS we took Strapi which helped us to deploy the platform really fast and to ensure its scalability. We also utilized React components to display the data for users. That helped to decrease the time of the development, testing and implementing the system onto the client’s server.

Key Features

  • Getting real-time data, processing it and displaying for users online;
  • Creating photo and video galleries for each sport event;
  • Preparing data for further analysis;
  • Mailing the results of events to the e-mail addresses database;
  • Tracking objects (e.g. motorbikes) with the help of GPS-sensors and displaying their location in real-time on OpenStreetMap;
  • Easy customizable for different kinds of sports and competitions.


A robust platform providing users with real-time information about different sports events.

The solution we developed helps our client to increase the users’ interest in sports events and allows getting all the important information about the competitions in real-time.

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