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As long as a prominent football club followed the sports trends and cared about their fans’ utmost convenience, it decided the website capabilities should be readily accessible on mobile. Not only could the football club supporters be aware of the latest news or player ratings, but they also effortlessly got football tickets to root for the team. To make life easier for football fans, our mobile app development team has designed a hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS that lets its users:

  • Keep up with the latest sport club news, scores, and result tables.
  • Follow favorite players, their achievements, and statistics.
  • Observe photo and video updates.
  • Watch video overviews and live football streaming via the app, either text ticker or video broadcasts.
  • Get live push notifications in the course of the match in case of goals, substitutions, yellow or red cards, and other key moments in the game.

No matter how far from the football field a rabid fan might be, he/she never misses an impressive free kick or spectacular victory. Launching the football app is the right way to track what’s going on during the first and second halves of the game.


Our hybrid mobile application loads the website of the football club and adapts it to the mobile screens. Consequently, the app’s users gain access to breaking sports news and tickets to the matches on mobile.

For the native iOS wrapper, we used Objective-C and Xcode (iOS); Java and Android Studio were selected for Android. Also, we enabled support for push notifications as a compulsory app’s feature.

Key Features

  • To avoid losing track of football highlights, the customer requested us to include push notifications into the app’s functionality. If there are any scoring chances or turning points, the app’s users get vibrating or sound push notifications without delay.
  • Given the fact that we have developed the hybrid mobile app, Football Team works equally well for both Apple and Android lovers.




True fans will hardly overlook a penalty or corner because our Football Team app does not only accumulate all info vital for football club supporters, including news, ratings, and overviews, but it also provides a live broadcast of football matches. Even if the football club fans are on vacation or busy working, they stay abreast of the events on the field and get football tickets in a few clicks.

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