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The development of a management system for sporting competitions was the main task of the project one of our Chicago-based customers ordered. SCAND team developed the software system to collect live scores and process them in order to provide the information for users on-line.

  • Ability to create photo/video galleries automatically, by adding them to the selected news.
  • Additional features allow users to send the results to the selected addresses and prepare analytical information about the competition for the further analysis.
  • Possibility to manage several types of competition simultaneously by using the same interface.
  • Possibility to track the location and show it on Google Maps.


Joomla was chosen as the content management system. The basic version of this CMS contains all the necessary elements for the website deployment. It provides high scalability through the use of third-party components and modules.


SCAND development team used a standard template for this project with the special component implemented. This component organizes the page content structure with the help of special modules (for example, a feed, competition results, news, etc.). The galleries are created on the special page by selecting the folder containing photo or video materials after loading them to the server (via FTP or any other protocol supported by the server). The caching of views, tables, results on the database side increases the performance of the data access speed and reduces the server workload. Engineers also used the benefits of the MVC, which is the base for Joomla. Administrative and User parts of the application used JQuery plug-ins and other third-party components, in order to reduce the time spent on the system development, testing, and introduction.


Software to manage and promote sporting competitions.

SCAND team accomplished a robust software solution for the sporting industry. Technical support of competitions was implemented as well. This solution can be used for national sports clubs to promote their sports activities, sports leagues, administrators & sports organizers. The system built has a great potential for extension and further development.

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