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SCAND development team had to develop a customer care management solution that allows making accounting automation of the assigned equipment for their ongoing maintenance and, if necessary, providing the supply of additional equipment.

Access to module objects was presented as follows:

  • Forms for adding, editing, and viewing the object’s properties.
  • Spreadsheets with sorting and filtering options.
  • Calendars with the timing parameters.
  • Objects on Google Maps.


This solution allows automating the procedure of equipment maintenance. The ability of manual configuration is provided. Third-party libraries for GUI implementation were used. That allowed the specialists to enter new forms into the existing interface. Additional checks of whether the forms are filled out correctly were performed. The selection of related values for fields without refreshing the page was also enabled.

Key Features

Using the libraries we were able to create:

  • Spreadsheets with flexible configuration of sorting and filtering by numerous fields (single or multiple conditions).
  • The Calendar Planner, which allows displaying the most important information about the objects and to realize the controlling function.


Order management software for beer machines in the retail industry.

SCAND team wrote pdf file creating the mechanism to facilitate the printing process. We added bar codes (format E128) to the printing forms and that ensured an easy introduction of paper documents to the electronic document management systems and accounting. We used a free PHP library TCPDF in order to create PDF documents. We added an orders presentation interface using Google Map API. The use of Google Maps services provides a visual representation where the service centers are located, as well as the distance from the service centers to the location of equipment.

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