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According to the customer’s request, the system was designed to enhance the communication and increase the productivity with the customer’s team and the partners

  • Create and manage Product Change Requests (PCR) and Product Change Notifications (PCN) and route them accordingly.
  • Secure, cross-enterprise source to schedule the information that lets internal and external individuals and groups easily communicate.
  • Events that are associated with an organization, function, or assignment are created, shared, and viewed.


Oracle is used as a powerful tool to store and process large amounts of data. As a high-level view of a single, database-driven document repository providing both a location and a formalized structure for storing and sharing documents, users can easily access, share, upload, and remove documents related to their functional area. As the source of truth, the reporting component enables the management and staff to measure, monitor, and manage key metrics.

Key Features

  • Implemented authorization via the internal client authorization system with a VPN connection.
  • Use third-party components in order to reduce system development time, testing, and implementation (document encryption, file uploading, working with Office documents, PDF document manipulations).
  • Limited data access (the one stored in a separate database). The customer has full access to all data and the partners could only view the data allowed.
  • A unique system of business process creation and monitoring with the determination of the stage is used. This system allows to appoint responsible persons for stages, a calendar task list for each dedicated person is created automatically, performance estimation and reporting for each stage of the business process is fulfilled.


Solution for enterprise business process management.

SCAND accomplished an integration system for enterprise business process management, which allows creating and managing the processes of client product promotion.

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