Facility Management Web Application

Web-based facility management application.


The task was to develop a web-based facility management application software with customizable logic.

  • Authorization levels are provided.
  • Every form and grid are customizable on a per-user level.
  • Dynamic workflow is customized for every service.
  • Easy access to the catalog.


Meta descriptions for the forms are read from the database on the fly. Afterward, they are transformed into HTML form and cached. The application has a top-notch UI built with Ajax technology, including multiple-room agenda view.

The application is built with localization support. Clients may add a number of custom fields if necessary. The application consists of independent modules, which can be purchased and installed separately. Every asset of the organization is stored in a single place – there is a catalog, which provides clear and convenient access via hierarchical grids. The application also includes a charge management module, which supports internal/external suppliers, cost centers, checks stock availability, charges per department/person, etc.


Web-based facility management application.

SCAND engineering team developed a web-based facility management application, which provides effective control over requests, complaints or reported issues, incidents, work orders, reservations, visitor registration, car fleet management.

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