Vue.JS Development Company

Trendy character and progressive nature of Vue.js are not the only reason why our development team actively utilizes this JavaScript framework for different-sized projects.
First, getting started with Vue.js is ultimate simplicity. Its source code is easily readable as each of the .vue components consists of only one file including template, script, and style (single file component). After creating a .vue component, the only thing needed for its usage is importing it into the app.
The framework’s flexibility and scalability make a positive impact on maintenance and support. As for server-side rendering and pre-rendering, they are beneficial for SEO and indexing the contents of a website.
The Vue.js’s reactive data binding system allows promptly reflecting changes in the UI.
After all, Vue.js implies fewer limits and provides more freedom in designing applications. Whatever required, the framework assists in keeping the development effective. Beyond that, our web development team created an open-source dependency injection library — Vue Injector —  that enhances the framework’s value.

Our Solutions

  • UI for displaying the data, including analytics and statistics, which is gathered from sensors for road traffic measurement.
  • UI for a high-load online retail store.
  • Static page generator using predefined blocks. Works as a landing page builder.

Pros of using Vue.js

Besides the fundamental advantages of Vue.js which have encouraged SCAND to delve into the framework, there are also key benefits for the development flow and further maintenance:

  • Smooth learning curve, approachable by novice users.
  • Availability of documentation related to Vue.js and its highlights.
  • Extensive community of Vue.js followers, which guarantees resolving questions on the subject without efforts, getting immediate feedback, etc.
  • Quality and modern UI kits for Vue.js, including Material Design.
  • Vue.js’s out-of-the box transitions and functions called lifecycle hooks that are used for creating complex animations.
  • Facilitating the process of UI building for multiple products. To that end, Vue.js might serve as a plugin as well.
  • No tricky requirements to the technology stack; therefore, Vue.js can be used in any project.
  • Support of a project made with Vue.js tends to be flawless. There are no issues with grasping the project details.

Need a Vue.js Project Development?

Why Scand

  • SCAND Skilled Engineers

    Our PHP department is built up with over 30% of senior vue.js developers
  • SCAND Significant Experience

    We have successfully developed 5+ vue.js projects
  • SCAND Security Confirmation

    We work under the NDA and ISO 27001 information security management standard
  • SCAND Deadlines Respectability

    Meeting the project deadline is the Golden Rule of our company
  • SCAND Support Policy

    We provide full-scale maintenance and support to keep our customers satisfied
  • SCAND Cost-Effective

    Every accepted IT challenge keeps our system developers in good fettle