Custom Software Development Services for Windows, macOS, and Linux

SCAND has accumulated significant expertise in desktop software development for Windows, Unix, and MacOS platforms (.NET, Objective-C, Qt, etc.), and we are glad to utilize this knowledge for your projects.

Technologies & Tools
  • Windows

    • С/C++, C#, .NET Framework, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WDK (Windows Driver Kit), and WDF (Windows Driver Foundation)


    • C/C++, GCC/Clang, Scripting languages (shell, Tcl/Tk, PHP etc.), Mono, and Qt


    • Objective C, Xcode, C/C++, Python, Qt Creator, Qt 4.x / 5.x, Cocoa Framework, and AppleScript


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Desktop Application Development Services

We have deep expertise in desktop application development, including the development of various addins for Adobe (Acrobat, InDesign, and Illustrator) and Microsoft (Outlook, Skype, and Excel) products, as well as different plugins for a number of Internet browsers. Among the products we develop are:

  • System extensions, addins, and plugins for Outlook, Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, XTensions for QuarkXPress, etc.
  • Well-structured and effectively extensible solutions: custom plugins, scripting, custom DSL, encryption software, etc.
  • Open source development services, including software extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Apache libraries, Grails implementation, etc.

Custom Software Development Main Fields

Our specialists have a deep understanding of most modern technologies and are able to develop complex solutions. We have developed modern cross-platform enterprise-level server and desktop applications for a variety of platforms
  • Сross-platform Desktop Application Development

    Our team has wide experience in multi-platform desktop application development for macOS X, Windows, and Linux.

    • Implementation of custom design to provide unique user experience and make your brand recognizable.
    • Sources migration from one platform to another, patch/contribute to existing open source libraries.
    • Support of specific peripheral devices: stylus, pen, projector, etc.
  • Device Drivers Development

    We could provide low-level programming services, including specific device drivers development with various features realized.

    • Low-level applications and hardware drivers (file system encryption, protection, real time backup and mirroring, custom network protocols, audio/video drivers and peripheral filtering).
    • Firewalls, remote security and administration solutions.
  • Extra Competencies

    We examine your product’s objectives and suggest the best solution in terms of functionality, extensibility, and maintainability. In case any additional work is needed, we are ready to assist. SCAND software engineers provide:

    • Development of heterogeneous systems.
    • Integration of Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile applications into one solution.
    • Implementations for cloud Computing, failover and HA clusters.
    • Kernel mode development for various devices.
    • Performance, network and memory optimizations for existing solutions.
    • Software packaging and tuning.

SCAND’s Expertise in Products Development

Besides desktop application development for our customers, we succeed in finding time and resources to develop our own products and make them highly competitive, valuable, and innovative.

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We have a clear vision of how to build highly efficient turnkey solutions to upsurge your performance in any business field:


Why are companies choosing our сustom software development services?
  • SCAND Code Etiquette

    Our team produces clean and easily manageable lines of code
  • SCAND Security Confirmation

    We protect your confidential information in accordance with a strong NDA
  • SCAND Development Flexibility

    We welcome any unique software customization as every accepted IT challenge improves our professional level
  • SCAND Deadlines Respectability

    Meeting the project deadline is the Golden Rule of our company
  • SCAND Support Policy

    We provide the full-scale maintenance and support to keep our customers satisfied
  • SCAND Cost-effective Solutions

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