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According to the customer’s requirements, SCAND had to develop cross-platform software, a powerful presentation tool for interactive screens (whiteboards).

  • Presentation is stored in the internal file format.
  • During the presentation the content could be changed.
  • Presentation could be imported/exported into PDF and CFF files.
  • Application runs in Desktop Mode.
  • Users are able to enter text via pad/mouse through the platform-independent virtual keyboard.


This solution developed can be applied in a variety of settings, including classrooms usage at all levels of education in order to engage and motivate students, corporate board rooms, and work groups, training rooms for professional sports coaching, broadcasting studios, and others. We used Qt as a cross-platform library and extended its functionality due to the specific nature of the project.

Key Features

  • The solution has the same form and the same functionality under the 3 major operating systems Windows, MAC OS, Linux.
  • The main application part is based on QGraphicsScene/QGraphicsView.
  • Each object type has a set of features available only to this object type.
  • Qt framework source code was modified to achieve full compatibility. Qt Solutions, QtMultimediaKit from QtMobility were used to correct audio/video content operation in HTML 5.
  • The unique method of drawing widgets with QPainter was implemented.
  • Flexible styles hierarchy was applied by using Qt Style Sheets (css, qss files).


Powerful presentation tool for interactive screens.

SCAND team developed a cross-platform presentation software solution with the broad range of graphics and interactive features and high performance that was achieved with the help of Qt Framework.

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