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The customer’s goal was to develop educational mobile software for kids. The customer wanted the app to be colorful, bright, and interactive and help kids enhance the visual understanding of the knowledge about the world.


  • Color and shape matching
  • Color and shape recognition
  • Sound and audio effects
  • Custom interface design


To meet the customer’s requirements and spend less money and efforts on the services provided by third parties, SCAND mobile developers built their own flexible lightweight graphic engine. The developed software made it possible to draw the texture, implement the object logic, and add animation. The graphic engine lets this learning game for kids be more flexible and customizable. It was developed using C++ and OpenGLES.

Required features:

  • Unique game scenario
  • Implementation of a custom flexible graphical and physical engine
  • Custom UX design


The interface of the application is bright and colorful and each kid’s action is followed by the audio commentaries and the changing facial expressions of the main hero. This mobile app for education gives the opportunity to train kids’ memory and improve attention and logical thinking.

mp-003-pic (1)

Key Features

  • Items selection and their availability for clicking
  • Various images to color
  • Ability to move objects


Screen1-01 (1)
Screen2-01 (1)
Screen3-01 (1)
Screen4-01 (1)


The SCAND team managed to develop the learning app for kids according to all customer’s requirements. The particular one was to make the app that is easy to use and exciting to play. To facilitate the design process, the SCAND mobile development team tailored the lightweight graphic engine for this project. It helped with graphics, texture, animation, and the object logic implementation.

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