AngularJS Development Services

Angular web development has been one of the key branches of SCAND front-end development team. We have been developing complex app-like web solutions for our clients for over 15 years. During this time we have acquired great experience in creating custom applications for a variety of industries.

Pros of using Angular

There are many strong sides of Angular web application development, which make it a great framework for SCAND solutions.

  • Angular is open-source with an active community of 600+ contributors on GitHub, which constantly drives the Angular development forward.
  • This JS framework provides tons of out-of-box features with no need for fancy installation.
  • Angular app development ensures great performance across platforms due to its mobile-first approach.
  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection greatly improves performance.
  • Angular can serve as an exclusively client-side framework which makes it easy-to-use in any project without any significant changes to a back-end.
  • Angular was built with both unit and functional testing in mind, which speeds up the development.
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