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SCAND team was asked to take over the project. We needed to go through the stage of transferring the project and add new features to the existing application functionality.


To deliver a high-quality solution with the required functionality, the development team divided the process into the following stages:

  • Setup of the application development  process
  • Develop new features and functionality


Key Features

The solution provides the following functionality:

  • Video Calling (IOS & Android + Web Interface)
  • Areas highlighting
  • Messenger
  • Screenshots/Video recording storage
  • Vehicles data management
  • Operators management

How It Works

Operator needs to be online 24/7 to be able to provide the support for the driver in case of urgent issues. Every vehicle has a QR code printed out and placed in the cabin. In case of an emergency a driver scans a QR code to initiate a call with the operator in order to solve the issue. During the call a driver uses a camera to take a video of the control panel so the operator could point to the sensors and buttons that should be controlled or switched. Other parties could also be involved in the call to assist with solving the issue.


SCAND managed to successfully take over the project and enrich the features set with a wide range of new functionalities.

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