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The customer who has businesses in different fields wanted to get the app with embedded customizable dynamic forms (including the date, digital line, string fields, e-signature, image, barcode, etc.). These forms are used by managers and workers to set/complete tasks online and offline. Other requirements were to provide the visibility of the worker completing tasks in the field and put emphasis on strong communication between the workers and the administration.


  • Field Service CRM
  • Scheduling
  • Quote management
  • Order management
  • Contact management
  • Communication
  • Automated reporting
  • GPS Support
  • Document flow tracking
  • Online and offline data processing


To meet the customer’s requirements, SCAND developers introduced the following features:


  • Dynamic forms creation
  • GPS support and tracking
  • Google Maps support
  • Camera support
  • Gallery support
  • Time tracking option
  • Smart Watch integration
  • Calendar sync


  • Data encryption and security
  • Communication and notification features
  • Data sync


This mobile field service software lets managers and field service workers communicate with each other via task assignment and flexible report generation. Dynamic forms used in the app are adjustable to different kinds of activities: task setting, report generation, invoice creation (with an e-signature provided), order management, etc. Created tasks could be added to the calendar either by a manager or by a field service worker and the data received is automatically synced. GPS navigation provides a high visibility level of service workers and gives an opportunity for the route to be corrected online. A worker is able to adjust to the changed environment by choosing the optimal route. Managers could upload any additional documentation needed to fulfill the work (building plans, instructions, guidelines, etc.). Additionally, the access to the Reference Library could be provided. This mobile field manager allows automated reporting generation. To make online scheduling even more effective, apps notifications could be integrated into the smartwatch software upon the customer’s request.

Key Features

Core Technologies

  • Task creation and description: location, time, details, etc.
  • Dynamic forms creator
  • Instant messaging
  • Quote management
  • Order management
  • Contact management
  • Online and offline data processing
  • Data encryption
  • Local cache encryption
  • Data smart sync
  • Filling our report forms
  • Report generation (PDF)
  • Task/Orders search and filtering
  • Smartwatch integration

Time Tracking Features

  • Indication of start/finish time
  • Calculation of the time spent
  • GTD (Getting Things Done approach)

GPS Features

  • Obtaining geolocation coordinates
  • Google Maps
  • Preview of the working route for the day
  • Map smart sync




The solution saves much time spent on organizing and preparing the tasks for service workers and increases the transparency of the business. The dynamic forms creator acts as a universal means for different kinds of activities: tasks setting, reports generation, invoices creation, orders generation, etc.

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