React JS Development Company

React JS development is one of the focus areas of SCAND front-end development department. React (also known as React.js) is a JavaScript library primarily used for creating one-page web applications. A good example of a web app built on React.js is Instagram or Facebook. It is based on components structured in a hierarchical way.

Pros of React Development

The strong sides of React make it a go-to JS library for SCAND development team.

  • React’s one-way data flow, where properties flow down and actions flow up, allows  building solutions with a well-structured code
  • React’s Server Side Rendering makes web apps great for search engines
  • Other than knowledge of JSX syntax and the library itself there are no special skills needed to code using React
  • React.js is Open Source with an active 1100+ community of contributors
  • Additional library Redux works as a predictable container for application state. It makes a code more intuitive and protects it from misuse
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Our Featured Projects

We have developed a wide range of projects on React JS. You can look through our React front-end development projects in the portfolio section.

    SCAND has developed a web-based software to manage and support various insurance activities using React and Redux. It has a wide functionality that includes purchase and risk management of life insurance, examination procedures, risk-focused framework, insurance sales activities, and many others. React.js development allowed us to quickly create a prototype and reduce the development time of the overall project.

    Stack: React.js, Redux.js, Immutable.js, JSX, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Linux, Windows

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Why Scand

  • SCAND Skilled Engineers

    Our Front-end department is built up with over 170+ experienced JavaScript developers
  • SCAND Significant Experience

    Our company has successfully developed 10+ React projects
  • SCAND Security Confirmation

    We work under the NDA and ISO 27001 information security management standard
  • SCAND Deadlines Respectability

    Meeting the project deadline is the Golden Rule of our company
  • SCAND Support Policy

    We provide full-scale maintenance and support services to keep our customers satisfied
  • SCAND Cost-Effective Solutions

    Affordable hourly rates in Eastern European region guarantee great ROI