React JS Development Company

React JS development is one of the focus areas of SCAND front-end development department. We utilize React js for creating SPAs, PWAs, dynamic web pages, social media apps and many more.

React JS Development Services

SCAND React.js developers create lightweight, scalable, and easy customizable applications and offer the following services:

  • Custom React JS development
  • Front-end development (rich UI)
  • Web application development (SPA, PWA, dynamic web apps)
  • Migration to React


Full-Cycle React Development Process

Offering a full-cycle development process, we ensure the delivery of ready-to-use, competitive, maintainable software solutions aimed at enhancing businesses of our clients and increasing their ROI.

Requirements and Analysis

In-depth project requirements analysis, suggesting the best architectural solution and the roadmap for the entire project realization.

UX/UI Design

Turning the software specifications into a design plan, preparing design mockups and creating project prototype.

Software Development

Both front-end and back-end development, generating the programming code on the previously chosen language.


Running QA testing on every development stage, detecting defects, reporting, bug tracking, fixing and retesting.

Deployment and Support

The actual product release phase, deployment on the market and after release support and maintenance.

Why Choose SCAND for React Development

The strong sides of React make it a go-to JS library for SCAND development team.

  • We have more than 20+ experienced React JS programmers on board building solutions with a well-structured code.
  • We have gained sufficient experience with 25+ React projects successfully completed.
  • We guarantee security and quality as SCAND is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company.
  • Our result-oriented approach makes us a reliable outsourcing partner for years.
  • Meeting the project deadline is the Golden Rule of our company.
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