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SCAND team was asked to create a warehouse inventory app that would allow maintaining automated control of the goods availability in warehouses and the processes of packaging and delivering goods to the end customer.


The solution utilizes proven intelligent technologies for handling and control of the goods and the data flow. Precise, real-time data is gathered to ensure intelligent decision-making for production and inventory management.

The project was implemented according to Scrum methodology.

The automated process comprises the following steps:

  • regular automated loading of data on orders from a customer’s third-party service;
  • automatic assignment of orders to warehouses containing goods upon request;
  • automatic generation of invoices in PDF format for sending the goods to buyers;
  • sequential or batch display of product packaging by the QR code or EAN barcode scanning, or by selecting the type of product and the number of items ready to be shipped;
  • obtaining labels for packages to be sent to the buyer from third-party cargo delivery services, such as DPD;
  • notification of the service that provides data about orders about their dispatch upon request.

Other Features Of The App Include:

  • Management of users and their access lists to certain sections and actions.
  • Management of all other entities providing the ability to filter and search data, including QR-codes and EAN barcodes scanning, storage sites, each of which includes labels, warehouse, space, number, levels, and shelves where a particular product is located.
  • The generation and provision of a brief summary of the packing process and data about orders for the current day, week, and month.


We have created an app that enables the client to control goods in warehouses more efficiently, and thus more easily and efficiently adapt to changing market conditions. The client has got a continuously compliant system that allows them to track the goods in real-time and detect problems as soon as they arise and follow them up with simple and powerful reporting. As a result, this helped to reduce risk within IT infrastructure for an affordable price.

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