Java Application Development Services

SCAND has mastered Java since 2000, and today we employ over 100 Java engineers with deep skills in most Java technologies. We are always ready to share our experience in Java with you on both backend and frontend.

Java Technology Stack

Java programming

  • Mature development nature, including the toolchain and vigorous dependency ecosystem
  • Highly developed stack of standardized technologies with the vast number of components and systems
  • Large community of developers that is diverse and enthusiastic
  • Readable to a fresh eye and uniquely portable structure
  • Constantly improving automatic memory management, providing great full-stack support for high-load web services
  • Cross-platform functionality that is ideal for Desktop and Web development. JS is also used to develop mobile apps on Android
  • Represents a rock-solid platform to perform on a level to match or exceed the native code
  • Backward compatibility — the code written for one version of Java will continue to run unchanged on newer versions

SCAND Java Expertise

There are many industries where Java development services are extremely popular: e-commerce, IoT, banking, and smart cards development. Java mobile application development is also considered to be a popular solution. Some of our recent projects include:
  • FunZoo Social Network

    This social network for animal lovers is built with the help of the Spring technology stack (IoC, MVC, validation, security, transaction management, and testing). Hibernate is used as ORM. The installation was fulfilled with the help of the cluster of Tomcat servers and the load balancing option supported by Apache http.

  • Web-based Enterprise Application for Performance Management

    During the development of this large ERP multi-tenant web application, we have implemented eight independent modules, which can be installed together in various combinations depending on the needs of the customer. High availability architecture of the application ensures that it can handle different loads and different failures with minimal or no downtime. Modules interact with each other and integrate with the external systems via web-service calls, both SOAP and REST. The most complex UI components are implemented in ReactJS for improved user experience.

  • Advanced Solution for E-commerce Sphere

    Our engineers have used Java to build this software, presenting a central marketplace with the enabled options to search and buy goods online. The platform has various shopping websites tied to it and enables facilitated navigation through its Connectors architecture. Other technologies used are Apache HttpClient, HtmlCleaner, etc.

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Why are companies choosing our Java development services?
  • SCAND Skilled Engineers

    Our Java department is built up with over 50% of senior developers
  • SCAND Significant Experience

    We have successfully developed 200+ complex projects in Java
  • SCAND Security Confirmation

    We protect your confidential information in accordance with a strong NDA
  • SCAND Code Etiquette

    Our team produces clean and easily manageable lines of code
  • SCAND Deadlines Respectability

    Meeting the project deadline is the Golden Rule of our company
  • SCAND Cost-Effective Solutions

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