Ember.js Development

Ember is a popular JavaScript framework and one of the important elements of the whole ecosystem. Since its inception in 2007 under the SproutCore name and its further renaming to Ember.js, the framework is widely used by specialists to deliver solutions of different complexity.

Pros and Cons Ember.js Development

Once Ember developer is familiar with framework’s established conventions, the technology provides some significant advantages:

  • It makes the process of development very productive.
  • It provides easy testing, allowing Ember.js developer simply choose a test runner to use and then immediately start writing and executing.

Although the advantages of Ember development are undeniable, there is one significant disadvantage:

  • In comparison to other JavaScript technologies such as Vue.js and React, Ember.js development is associated with sufficiently higher entrance threshold, meaning that support of applications created within this framework will require narrow specialists to be involved in it.

SCAND Solutions

Ember programming, as well as programming with another JavaScript frameworks, can be used for the development of web applications of different complexity, SPA (single page applications), plugins and add-ons. Even though Ember framework was used by SCAND team of JavaScript developers to satisfy our clients’ requirements, we believe that the efficiency of the development is one of the key factors for its success.

Because Ember.js development is associated with a high entrance threshold, we recommend our customers to consider the development with React, Angular, and Vue.js: applications built with these technologies are easier to support in the future. Solutions created with these alternative technologies do not require narrow specialists — Ember.js developers — to be involved in further support. What is more, both React and Vue.js are known for having wider user communities, which ensures easier search for specialists when needed.

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