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Sharing and watching video content on a big screen can be seamless with an app for smartphones and Samsung Tizen TVs. This will provide an ability to share funny clips or training materials to family, friends, and colleagues. There was a need for a solution that would let its users forget about dongles, wires, and sync linked devices in a completely seamless way. Poor connection quality of existing solutions demanded another way of connecting devices.


Our development team closely collaborated with the developers on the side of the client. Tizen software development kit was chosen to be a base for the TV-side of the solution. Tizen Studio, IDE combined with Tizen SDK, was chosen to control system components. We utilized AWS as an intermediate stage between devices and used the Samsung Smart View SDK to guarantee immersive and engaging experience.


HuTouch supports multi-device task continuity. It is designed to create the smoothest smart device link solution. All it takes is to download HuTouch on a smartphone and smart TV and install it once using the same credentials. Then, a video stream from phone to a TV or vice versa could be started with a click on the ‘Continuity Icon’.
We created both a free version (supports video clips of size up to 8 MB and runs ads) and a paid version (ad-free continuity on video clips of size up to 25 MB).

Key Features

  • The app permits remote video sharing. Even if the users of HuTouch are not around, they are free to show the clips to interested people.
  • One account to configure Smartphone and Smart TV (currently supports Android Smartphones and Samsung Smart TVs only).
  • Two-way continuity between logged-in devices (to watch your Smartphone video on Smart TV or Smart TV video on your Smartphone).
  • The app doesn’t require additional hardware, IPs, or network access for the devices’ configuration.


HuTouch represents a platform rather than an app because of its capacity to maintain continuity across devices.

Whereas our solution supports Android smartphones and Samsung Smart TVs, it may also cover a wider spectrum of devices. Upon the client’s request, HuTouch is also capable of initiating continuity for Car Infotainment Systems, Desktops/Laptops, or IoT devices and content providers of music, news, etc.

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