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Following a TV show is not enough when you long for sharing your standpoint towards a guest’s statement or sportsman’s game strategy. To let an outside observer evolve into the active participant of verbal duels or sports matches, a quality TV news channel set their mind on getting a mobile app that could collect the data on the viewers’ opinions.

Thus, SCAND proceeded with the development of a real-time voting application to measure people’s satisfaction with what they saw or heard.


As we were intent on giving the app’s users a chance to concentrate on the TV program, the utmost user-friendliness of TV Voting Application was our top priority. We focused on UX, namely, splitting a screen area into the required number of sections, including the central one. The only thing for the users to do while voting and sharing emotions was to move a finger in the right direction. What is more, even that was optional—we used gyroscopes so that a user could choose the mark by tilting a mobile phone or tablet.
Not sure whether the vote was fixed or not? To exclude such cases, our mobile development team added vibration alerts to the app.
Overall, there is minimum time needed for preliminary training, and people can fully enjoy the e-voting project using the app as a judging tool.


Our mobile solution represents the screen divided into several sections. Each section stands for a particular attitude of a user, let’s say, ‘Agree’, ‘Agree and Support’, or ‘Disagree’ (debates), ‘Poor quality’, ‘Perfect choice’, or ‘Worth buying’ (product advertising), etc. Evaluations vary depending on the program. An ardent viewer launches the app as soon as the TV program starts.
Without even looking at the device’s screen, he/she watches TV, pays keen attention to the latest twists and turns in politics and show business or cheers for the team and selects the proper section in parallel with the action. The votes go to the server for their synchronization with the TV network. In the end, the channel gets the aggregated info about the users’ response and engagement level.

Key Features

First, this live voting app allows users to keep their fingers on the screen, as if a device were a remote control, and watch the program without taking their eyes off TV.

Among the other features of TV Voting Application are:

  • Synchronization with the TV network (i.e., aggregation of the votes).
  • Anonymity.
  • Providing the channel with the full info about a vote count and percentage of each mark given.
  • Vibration alerts at the moment users choose a section for voting.
  • Freedom to vote without touching the screen.




Our TV Voting Application is a mobile app that involves users in the TV shows letting them vote via the app, comment the statements in real time, or decide whether a product or service is really worth buying.

SCAND has developed the mobile voting app for iOS and Android to engage ordinary people in hot sporting competitions and product promotion via accumulating their judgments. This user-friendly tool provides the data that are even capable of transforming political strategies or shaping market trends.

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