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Selfie King is a selfie contest app. The core idea is to organize a selfie contest and give users a chance to make new friends through liking photos and inviting other users to participate in the selfie challenge. It also comes with the Global Leaderboard, which shows how close you are to the objective to be a Selfie King or Selfie Queen.


  • Invite friends or random users to participate in the contest
  • Accept challenge
  • Get likes from other users
  • Create groups for private communication and challenge


The main task was to create an advanced UX of the app based on the concept of Material Design. A better more transparent rating system was also required. The other important decision was to use an mBaaS solution, namely Backendless as the server part of the app. The main advantage of this approach is to avoid spending resources and time on the development of a heavy back-end part. Based on the required functionality the following features should be implemented:

  • Camera support
  • Gallery support
  • Ability to search and invite people to a selfie challenge
  • Ability to define the rules of the challenge
  • Introduction of the assessment mechanism to rate other users’ selfies


Our selfie app gives you an exciting opportunity to take a selfie and compare your photo with others. Set the conditions of your selfie, make it theme-oriented (e.g. no makeup selfie challenge), and poke others to respond to your calling. Our good selfie app gives the opportunity to make new friends and begin real-life communication, including private group talks.

Key Features

  • Challenge creation
  • Private challenge creation
  • Put likes on other selfies
  • Ability to take a position in the Global Leaderboard
  • Share selfies through social networks or via email


Group (18)


Our selfie app provides a user with the opportunity to organize a selfie challenge and invite other users to participate in it. Rate the pictures of other users and start interacting with them. We believe that these particular features bring impressive potential to the app due to the advanced rating system implemented.

The app could be successfully used by various advertising groups and event-making agencies. Any kind of activity that implies taking pictures, rating, and revealing who the winner is could get the max out of the logic our app is based on.

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