Enterprise AR (Augmented Reality) Mobile Application

Cross-platform augmented reality application.


The task was to develop an augmented reality app that can be easily customized and used in different business areas according to specific requirements, needs, and activities of the company.

  • Work with the camera and sensors of smartphones or tablets.
  • Add layers with 2D and 3D models directly over the object.


The application works with the camera and sensors of smartphones or tablets. This application adds layers with 2D and 3D models directly over the object depending on the angle and the distance to the object (e. g. the application could display 3D models of motor vehicle, refrigerator, furniture, etc.), so that users could view all parts of the object or product in the real world environment. It could be a table in the room that we see only on the screen of tables or smartphones. Also, it could be a spare part of the car and when you direct the screen of the phone to the place where this spare part is, it shows how the part works.


Cross-platform augmented reality application.

SCAND has developed an augmented reality application, which is successfully used in advertising, automotive industry, education, and games.

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