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С/C+ Development Services

We are one of the companies that uses C/C++ in many areas — from low-level system programming, such as the creation of device drivers and development for embedded systems, to high-level STL and Qt programming for creating desktop applications and rich UI. Our C/C++ team is made up of 15+ experts who utilize the full potential of this universal technology stack.

We provide the following software development services:

Our Software Development Expertise in C/C++

SCAND C/C++ development team creates all types of software solutions applicable in practically every field of the economy: scalable, robust and up-to-date for decades.


Our C/C++ developers have solid experience in building complex and reliable solutions for e-commerce business making the buying process more transparent and effective. Above all, we create comprehensive reporting systems and detailed statistics reports.


While utilizing C and C++ programming languages we create innovative augmented, virtual and mixed reality applications for various industry domains: automotive, logistics, aerospace, education, healthcare, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, and retail, etc.


For almost 20 years we have been building smart, compelling, multi-format digital e-publishing solutions for various industries. As a C++ development company we are focused on digitizing printed books, newspapers, magazines, reports and distributing them across multiple electronic devices.

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SCAND has a proven track record in developing custom ERP solutions leveraging C/C++ technology stack. We create document management systems, business process management, KPI assessment systems, and many more.


We have developed a bunch of web, mobile and cross-platform educational applications with the help of the C/C++ languages and Qt Framework, kid’s games, powerful presentation solutions for universities are among them.


Our team is experienced in creating C/C++ applications for the advertising industry. A digital signage software solution is one of them. It is used for billboard advertising and on LCD screens in hotels, airports, supermarkets, public transport, etc.

How to start working with us?

C/C++ Technology Stack

Programming Languages

    • C/C++
    • Shell Scripting
    • PERL scripting
    • Win API
    • COM
    • DCOM
    • MFC/WTL
    • STL
    • ATL
    • DDK
    • C++ REST SDK
    • GDI
    • GDI+
    • GCC
    • QT/QML
    • Boost
    • NDK
    • GTK+
    • wxWidgets
    • POSIX
    • DirectX
    • OpenGL
    • OpenAL

Operating Systems

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • UNIX
    • iOS
    • Android
    • macOS

Development Tools

    • MS C/C++ Compiler
    • GNU GCC
    • Autoconf
    • Visual Studio
    • XCode
    • Eclipse


    • MS SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • DB2
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • SQLite


    • VSO/TFS
    • JIRA
    • Stash
    • Test Manager
    • MSTest
    • NUnit
    • Moq
    • PartCover
    • NCover

Continuous Integration / Build Automation

  • Bamboo
  • CruiseControl
  • MSBuild
  • NAnt
  • Chocolatey

Development Approaches

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Iterative
  • Waterfall
  • DDD
  • TDD

Why Choose SCAND?

We have an expert team specializing in low-level system programming, embedded and desktop development utilizing full potential of C/C++ and QT programming languages. Here are the main reasons why to choose our team:


For more than 15 years SCAND has been providing C/C++ development services to its customers from different niches and has come up with a number of answers to the most frequently asked questions:


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