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Native Android App Development

To satisfy the highest demands of our customers and to provide them with highly reliable solutions, each Android developer at SCAND takes advantage of a wide range of programming languages, including Java, C++, Kotlin and a full stack of related technologies. So whatever you need our team of creative and highly motivated professionals knows how to develop an Android app that will meet the highest requirements.

Our Android development team provides the following services:

Android Application Development Solutions

SCAND professional engineers have accumulated enormous knowledge and skills while developing Android applications. We have a huge portfolio of Android solutions, and all of them cover the core functionality businesses and users might need. Here is just a short list of solutions we can offer:

Fintech App Development

Our mobile developers are skilled at creating mobile apps for banking and financial organizations, fintech startups and other businesses involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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Apps For The Entertainment Industry

Our mobile development team creates involving and user-friendly applications for entertainment and getting new experience. We are ready to develop high-performance and well-designed mobile games for kids and adults, VR/AR-based apps as well as applications for music or sports fans.

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Enterprise Mobile Apps

Having a great experience in building effective and cost-saving software solutions for enterprises, we offer the development of Android mobile applications for complimenting the enterprise's desktop or web solutions as well as for empowering your staff with new capabilities.

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Rebuilding of Android Apps

If there is a need for the improvement of the existing app's performance or adding additional features to it, SCAND mobile developers are here to help. We are ready to face challenges like lost documentation or only a piece of the initial code available.

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Staff Augmentation

If you already have programmers or strong managers but need to empower your development team with skilled professionals, SCAND software engineers are ready to join your project.

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How to start working with us?

SCAND Solution for Android

Along with extensive experience in the development of native and cross-platform applications, our expertise includes the development of three products for Android developers. These are:

Realm Browser for Android

Realm Browser Library is a small, but very helpful library designed for viewing and editing Realm database files on Android devices.

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Lightweight and easily customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK for EPUB readers development.

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Svg Kit for Android

SVG Kit for Android is a flexible and quite fast library supporting SVG Tiny specs. The amazing library developed by our company just do it.

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Selfie King

Fun selfie contest application for Android that offers you possibility to create various selfie challenges, invite your friends to challenge you.

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