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Knowing the exact number of children in a kindergarten group lets a kindergarten teacher accurately order breakfast, lunch, and dinner portions per day or arrange indoor and outdoor activities. Besides, administrators and kindergarten teachers need this info for gathering statistics and making reports on a regular basis. The Kindergarten app created by our mobile development team allowed kindergartens to automate the attendance tracking procedure, which contributed to the correct calculations. An Android tablet and NFC tags were the only things required to register the kid’s physical presence in the kindergarten.


Our mobile development team created the two-column UI for the Kindergarten app to easily manage the attendance list of children. As regards business logic, the information about the frequency of children’s kindergarten attendance and absence reasons were stored on the server. Thus, kindergarten teachers and administrators were given a green light to view the data via the back-end. At the same time, the info that was kept formed the basis of monthly reports.


Our Kindergarten app is designed as an attendance tracking software for tablets that are widely used in many kindergartens. All day long, the app is running on the tablet placed at the entrance. Once parents are in, their NFC tags interact with the Kindergarten app to change a child’s status – i.e., mark a kid as ‘present’. Since then, the app starts tracking the time when he/she is at the premises of the kindergarten.
Additionally, parents could manually put the names of their children in the right column thus marking the presence via the app.

Key Features

  • NFC tag support

Each NFC tag has the specific ID, synchronizes with the Kindergarten app, and automatically changes a kid’s status from ‘absent’ to ‘present’.

  • Saving the attendance record

Keeping the data on the children’s attendance allows generating the reports, either group or individual. Also, kindergarten teachers are free to leave the comments that explain the reason for absence, if required.




SCAND has developed the native app for Android tablets to monitor children’s attendance in kindergartens. Minimum number of actions from the parents’ side is enough for the Kindergarten app to collect the statistics and provide extensive data on the kids’ presence or absence during a month.

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