Media and Entertainment Software Development

As a media & entertainment app development company, SCAND embraces the power of technology to deliver innovative custom software solutions aimed at boosting the performance of media operations, opening up new channels, personalizing data with advanced analytics, revolutionizing user experience, and increasing audience engagement. Entertainment and media industry software developed by SCAND enables our clients to attract their audiences with top-notch, adaptable, on-demand solutions, all providing unique digital experiences.


Media & Entertainment App Development Solutions

Truly convinced in the power of advanced technological solutions, SCAND data-driven and enthusiastic developers offer a range of development services for M&E. Whether it is distribution, broadcasting, production, or development of a brand new platform — we are always here to bring together our experience and commitment, and deliver solutions that perfectly match our client’s business goals. Some of the services we offer to the M&E industry include:

Media & Entertainment Software Services

SCAND team has vast experience in the development of numerous projects for media and entertainment sector, including but not limited to:

IPTV app development

SCAND developers provide custom IPTV broadcasting software development services including live TV streaming apps, mobile apps, AR/VR apps, on-demand videos, IPTV game development, and many more.

Radio station app development

Mobile radio app development offered by SCAND professionals allows our clients to track the content consumption habits of their audience with the highest levels of accuracy, increase engagement while sending targeted messages to listeners, and provide a more universal experience.


Sports app development

Our spots mobile app development services are mainly focused on sports betting development. Having a team of enthusiastic and experienced sports betting software developers who follow the latest trends and utilizing advanced technologies, we ensure efficiency and relevance of solutions delivered to our fellow clients.


Hunting and fishing app development

Whether it is best hunting times app or fishing license app, our team can provide you with a solution tailored to your needs. Using the latest technologies, we successfully develop both hunting and fishing software, including fishing report apps, hunting apps with property lines, or any other hunting and fishing license software you are looking for.


Social media development

With a team of social media developers on board, we are capable of developing a social networking website or mobile app that will go in line with our client’s expectations and requirements. Social media website development at SCAND always results in a delivery of platforms with rich functionality, high performance, and a considerable degree of user satisfaction. 

Mobile game development services

Being a game development company, SCAND expertise covers everything from creation of educational games for kids to fantasy sports software development. What make us stand out from many other companies offering iOS and Android game development services, is a team of fantasy sports developers with a passion for both development and games.


Blockchain application development

Entertainment software development at SCAND includes such innovative approaches as the creation and implementation of a blockchain appliance. Our blockchain solutions for the M&E sector facilitate distribution of content and ensure fair compensation for artists.

Mindfulness app development

Having close to 20 years of experience in entertainment and media software development, SCAND teams create all sorts of apps for the industry, including such trendy solutions as mindfulness apps aimed at providing better control over different activities, such as keeping track of the training progress, meals, weight, etc., and adhering to meditation and sports timetables.


Team augmentation

Whether it is IPTV development, radio streaming app development, fish finder phone app, social media product development, or any other related to media industry development services, SCAND offers both outsourcing and outstaffing services aimed at facilitating the process of product creation. Learn more.

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