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SCAND mobile app developers were tasked to create a trip planning app that was to shorten the preparation time and to be helpful on a journey itself by developing routes to cafes, restaurants, museums, parks, and other tourist attractions. In terms of a user-friendly interface, the app was to support portrait screen orientation and to provide automatic saving of the information added by the user to the main sections of the app.


As the Trip Planner was conceived as a smart travel app, it was to provide information about the main tourist attractions and places to visit. For this reason, its development required synchronizing the information with the customer’s server. When it comes to the design, it was provided by the customer and successfully implemented by our mobile application development team.


The Trip Planner is not just a route planner app, but also a travel guide and travel planner all in one. It works on smartphones and tablets alike. A daily route can be viewed with vertical scrolling, as well as it can be edited, deleted or switched to another saved route. Thanks to autosave, there is no need to recapture information to the “route”, “date” and “type of traveler” sections while switching between these sections.

Key Features

Trip Planner allows:

  • Creating a new route from the list of possible destinations
  • Choosing a type of traveler (single, family, couple, business)
  • Learning information about the local cafes, restaurants, parks, museums and other tourist attractions
  • Planning and saving routes on selected dates
  • Switching between saved routes and between days in some particular route
  • Editing saved routes by deleting or adding destinations




SCAND mobile app development team has successfully created a traveling app that allows planning trips to the major tourist destinations.

Taking into account the length of stay and classification of the tourist, the developed traveling organizer provides the information about the local cafes, restaurants, parks, museums and other sights, as well as it offers routes to the chosen destination points.

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